Gov. Abbott Drops the Hammer, Reveals Texas’ New Plan for Illegal Border Crossers

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says that anyone planning to cross the border illegally into Texas better think twice now before it’s too late.

During an interview on Fox News, Abbott told host Maria Bartiromo that Joe Biden is absolutely to blame for letting border safety deteriorate.

“First of all, I will tell you, listen, this is the — one of the most reprehensible actions by the Biden administration. First, if you recall, under the Trump administration, they pretty much had cross-border illegal immigration shut down,” Abbott said.

“But now it’s getting worse because Biden is opening the floodgates for people who are coming from countries where there’s an extremely low vaccination rate and there’s an extremely high number of people coming across the border who do have Covid,” he added.

“So what Texas is doing, we’re not playing games anymore. I deployed The National Guard, as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety, and we have a new program in place because the Biden administration plan is to catch and release,” he said.

“The Texas plan is to catch and to jail. So we are arresting and jailing, the program has already begun. It took a few weeks to set up because we actually had to set up an entire new booking system. We had to get judges involved in the process, magistrates, we had to open up a former prison that has now 1,000 jail beds that we’re starting to fill up,” he continued.

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Abbott said: “We are arresting people every single day and we’re arresting for trespass. When you come across the river, you’re typically coming into private property or county property or state property, you are trespassing. And because I declared it an emergency, the punishment for the crime has been doubled.”

“So it’s either a class B or class A misdemeanor that can put them in jail for half a year or a year,” he declared.

“And our goal is to continue to arrest people coming across the border, but at the same time surge more National Guard, more Texas Department of Public Safety officers to make sure that we are doing everything that we can as a state to secure the border,” Abbott said.


The Joe Biden border crisis is literally getting worse by the day.

A new projection from Princeton Policy Advisors reveals that more than 1.8 million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021.

The group said it would mark the “worst ever” on record, which is another stunning reminder of how bad things have gotten under Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner summarized the main findings:

The group said that would be 250,000 more than the next highest number recorded in 2000.

Princeton Policy Advisors President Steven Kopits, who has long argued for a market-based visa program to control immigration, said that 2021 is likely to be the worst ever year of illegal immigration.

Kopits warned that it could undermine Biden and the Democrats in the elections. “It is premature — but only barely — to peg calendar 2021 as ‘the worst ever’ for the Biden administration. If the administration wants to avoid heading into the 2022 elections with this dubious distinction, it is high time to start working on Plan B,” he said.

Kopits used current and historical data to come up with his forecast. His past forecasts have held up well. He said that in a fiscal year model (October to October), this year’s numbers are likely to be the third-worst, at nearly 1.6 million apprehensions of illegal immigrants.

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Earlier this month, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials announced that a whopping 188,829 illegal aliens crossed into America in June 2021, the most in any month for the past 21 years.

Since Biden took office, there have now been over 1 million crossings this year, according to data from CBP.