Gov. Cuomo Refuses To Accept Help From Gun Manufacturer Who Wants To Help With Medical Supplies

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You would think that in times of emergency, political leaders would put their ideology aside and accept help from whomever offered it.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case regarding Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York.

His state has become the coronavirus epicenter in the United States and he, like other elected leaders in New York, has been pleading for medical supplies — especially ‘PPE’ (personal protective equipment) and ventilators for the critically ill.

Well, one company idled by Cuomo’s coronavirus executive order to shut down because it isn’t considered “essential” has offered to make these items for the state. Only, it’s not the governor’s ‘kind’ of business.

As reported by Townhall, Remington — the historic American firearms maker — has stepped up during the state’s hour of need and offered the services of its staff and its 1 million-square foot facility to manufacture PPE and ventilators for the governor, but so far, company executives have heard nothing but crickets from Cuomo’s office.

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It’s not as if Cuomo himself has not made it known publicly of his needs, especially ventilators:

Mind you, Cuomo is a strong supporter of gun control, having signed into law some of the toughest firearms restrictions in the country. But as you can see, he also has a need right now, and it’s largely because neither he nor previous governors properly prepared for a pandemic.

As Townhall noted:

In a video posted on March 23, Ken D’Arcy, the CEO of Remington, said he wrote a letter to President Trump and Cuomo to say the company is willing to help with production and distribution of PPE and ventilators. The company has a plant in Ilion, totaling 1 million square feet, that is now freed up since they have been designated as a non-essential business.

“Remington products have served in every U.S. military conflict for 200 years. And while the coronavirus is a new type of war, we’re not sitting this one out…We’e standing by ready, willing, and able to support in any way we possibly can. It would be an honor for our company to donate space for the manufacture of mission-critical products, such as ventilators, hospital beds, or anything else deemed necessary,” D’Arcy noted.

And Eric Suarez, communications and media manager for Remington, told Townhall that to his knownledge, as of now, no one from the governor’s office has bothered to call and take the company up on its offer.

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As for Cuomo, he tweeted late Thursday that he’s still in the market for some PPE manufacturers.

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