Groan Alert: NBC, ABC Morning Shows Push Biden Campaign Propaganda Disguised as Children's Book

There must be a presidential election approaching because the Left-wing media is going all-out to promote the presumptive Democrat nominee, which this year looks to be former Vice President Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that the man can’t utter a sentence without a gaffe or completely screwing something up – because his mental acuity is going away.



Nevertheless, NBC and ABC decided to allow his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spread pro-hubby propaganda on their morning shows Tuesday by giving her airtime to hype her new “children’s book” – which is about the childhood and early life of (wait for it) Joe Biden.

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Called, “Joey.” Because, of course.

“What made you want to tell his story in this way?” Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan asked, lobbing the first softball.

“You know, everyone sees Joe, these young children see Joe on TV, and I want them to know Joe as a child,” Jill Biden began (some of the things her husband says these days reminds me of how a child speaks, but that’s me).

“Because he was so brave and adventurous,” she continued as GMA showed old photos of the former VP as a child and young teen. “He never refused a dare. But you know, Michael, he also a little boy who stuttered. He had to overcome hardship. I want children to realize that even if there’s something that you’re dealing with or struggling with, that, you know, you can be success, you can be or do whatever you want to do.

“And Joe’s story is an example of that,” Jill Biden continued


She also appeared on NBC’s 3rd Hour Today with the same schtick, MRCTV noted.

And her ‘children’s book’ is just another example of blatant Democrat political pandering and propaganda; she could’ve ‘told Joe’s story as a child’ years ago but gosh, then the book wouldn’t serve as a disinformation tool. 

It gets worse (the interview, that is).

“Joe’s saying to the American public, ‘Give me the ball. Let me handle this. Let me take these burdens off your shoulders and put them on mine.’ And, so, it’s the story of challenge and overcoming hardship and fairness,” Biden said, playing the role of smiling, proud wife.

“And wanting that responsibility to handle it yourself,” Strahan responded, with an assist.

Jill Biden went on to talk about how hubby “fought bullies” and “stood for fairness” in his young, formidable days, intimating that, of course, that’s what he’ll do as president. 

Meanwhile, the real president, Donald Trump, doesn’t have time for such nonsense, nor does he have to pimp out his wife, first lady Melania Trump, to draft a propaganda pamphlet disguised as a trip down memory lane.

He’s actually got a solid record of achievement on which to run – something that Biden can’t claim despite decades in elected office.

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In fact, if you were to ask Biden’s supporters to name a single accomplishment during his 50-plus years in elected office, most of them would be hard-pressed to come up with just one.

Between revitalizing the economy (which he’ll do again), cutting regulations, creating jobs, rebuilding the U.S. military, getting rid of the Obamacare mandate and cutting taxes, Trump has more than enough of a record to run on.

Now, let’s just hope he spends the next months reminding voters of his accomplishments while laying out his vision for the next four years (complete the wall, more and better federal judges, higher job and wage growth, more America-first trade deals, etc.).