Group Of Pro-Abortion Activists Have Been Arrested Outside SCOTUS…Here’s What They Did

Two pro-abortion activists were arrested on Tuesday morning outside of the Supreme Court after the loony lefties decided to chain themselves to the non-scalable fencing that’s been erected in anticipation of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision, which could overturn Roe v. Wade and make abortion back into a state’s rights issue.

A man and a woman were taken into custody after they handcuffed themselves to the fence. Ford Fischer of News2Share captured footage of the incident. Because the foolishness of this magnitude is simply too good not to share.

The woman in the footage can be heard saying that there was actually supposed to be a large group of individuals showing up to participate in the “protest,” but said, “that’s alright, it’s not for everyone.”

Now that is truly hilarious. A bunch of these wackos lost their intestinal fortitude to show up for the cause of slaughtering innocent children and left these two hanging in the wind. Classic.

The two individuals leaped over the metal barricades that were placed away from the non-scalable fencing. The footage shows them running to their positions somewhere along the fence.

“Overturn Roe, hell no,” the man in the video can be heard chanting as he popped a squat, hand now chained to the fencing.Wait a minute. I didn’t realize men were allowed to participate in this sort of thing. I thought men didn’t have a say in what a woman could do with her body or something stupid like that? Hmm…

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Here’s a bit more from a report published by The Post Millennial:

“Today, the lives of millions of people are in the hands” of the judges, which the woman who chained herself to the fence said were “pacifists.”
“In a world without Roe, this is what it looks like,” she said, motioning towards her handcuffed wrist. “This is our reality, for millions of women across the world. In a post-Roe world, people will die. I could die.”
“These handcuffs will be placed by the laws which bound our bodies to this government’s will. We will be reduced to nothing more than producers of the workforce. Without the fundamental right to choose, we cannot become doctors, scientists, or become better mothers,” she continued, wearing white pants with red paint signifying blood on them, as well as writing on her stomach that states “not government property.”
A man who was there at the protest shouted into a megaphone to the woman chained to the fence that the Texas Heartbeat Act had been in place for months in the state, but “women aren’t dying.”As the two individuals stood there like a couple of degenerates, the crowd of fellow pro-abortion activists started doing all of the cutesy little chants they normally bellow out at events like these. You know, stuff like “not the church, not the state, women must decide our fate,” and “pro-life is a lie, you don’t care if women die.”

The same people who are chanting that last little nugget are all for killing women, so long as they are in the womb.

At one point, another woman was seen conversing with the two activists, and when police escorted her away, a woman was heard yelling that the woman behind the fence is a ‘legal observer,'” the PM report stated.

The man and the woman remained handcuffed to the fence for a total of 10 minutes before police officers took them away, hands now cuffed behind their backs. Oh, and that “legal observer” was also taken away by law enforcement.

All of this is to have the right to kill unborn children. These people are demented and sick.

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