Group That Installed Giant TRUMP Sign Near L.A. Makes Killer Ad Claiming He Can Win California (Video)

Do you remember that humongous ‘HOLLYWOOD’- like sign featuring the president’s last name – TRUMP – that someone erected alongside an interstate near Los Angeles a few weeks ago?

Within a day, the city of Los Angeles removed the signage claiming that it created a ‘hazard’ (unlike, say, a myriad of billboards up and down California highways, each of which was erected specifically to get drivers to look at them). 

At the time, no one knew who was responsible. And in the subsequent weeks that followed, the identity or identities of the person or individuals responsible for the extremely glorious act remained hidden.

Well, now we know who they are…sort of.

Someone known as “Mr. Black” contacted conservative outlet Red State exclusively and issued a statement while also distributing a kick-butt campaign ad for President Donald Trump that actually suggests he could become the first Republican to win the Golden State since then-Vice President George H. W. Bush in 2008.

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The group’s contact, Mr. Black, said they had been planning the Trump sign since 2018. At the same time, they filmed portions of the operation and turned it into a campaign ad that is, truly, must-see video, asking that seemingly impossible question:

Can Trump win California?

Check out this amazing video, per Red State:

And here’s a statement Mr. Black sent to Red State:

On January 20th 2017, I assumed that Trump would win reelection after normal Americans witnessed the hysterics of the Women’s March and subsequent displays of irrationality.

But when Trump made good on most of his promises — all the while unruffled by the Category 5 media sh*t-storm raging around him — it seemed like the impossible was within reach: WINNING CALIFORNIA. And that was the initial motivation behind the sign.

The sign served two purposes. It was a psychological warfare operation designed to counter the psychological warfare that Newsom, Garcetti and the Democrat-run California government has been running since the lockdown. Putting the word “TRUMP” on a hillside over the 405 — itself a symbol of beauty, aggravation and dysfunction — was intended to let the progressive Eloi of Los Angeles know that dissidents — MOTIVATED dissidents — live among them.

It was also a signal to the war-weary AMERICANS here behind enemy lines that they are not alone. That they are on the side of fun and energy. And that they should GO OUT AND VOTE (for Trump, if that wasn’t clear).

After watching the video and seeing the motivation behind the sign, what are your thoughts – could Trump really win California?

We’ve seen other anecdotal evidence to suggest he’s at least got a fighting chance. That evidence includes:

— Massive rallies for Trump in left-wing Calfornia

— Black and Hispanic defections to the president in very large numbers

— COVID-19 and coronavirus lock-down fatigue

— Democrat indifference and intransigence to Antifa, BLM, and left-wing rioting, looting, and violence

This year has been like no other in most our lives, no question about it. But the thought of perhaps enduring more of the same next under a Biden regime may just be too much even for a majority of California voters.

Time will tell.

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