“GROW THE F**K UP!”; Doctors Cuss Out Americans Who Are Hesitant To Get The Vaccine

The liberal elites are now resorting to profanity in order to persuade more Americans into taking the experimental COVID vaccine.

Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be a good idea to round up a handful of medical doctors and get them to scold “stupid” Americans who fear for adverse side effects from the COVID jab. The video contained several cuss words, a middle finger, and some of the most astounding high-horse mentality that I’ve seen in a very long time.

The video opens with the Doctors condescendingly telling us how smart they are because of how long they’ve been studying and practicing medicine. At one point, one guy shouts “LOOK AT ALL MY DIPLOMAS!”.

At another point in the video, an asian Doctor looks straight into the camera and gives the viewers the middle finger. They end the video by telling the American people to “grow the f**k up and get vaccinated”.

Watch below:

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Sadly, what these “Doctors” leave out is that not everyone has a positive experience after receiving the vaccine.

Take a look at some tragic stories from people who were convinced that the jab was completely safe:

What is your reaction to medical doctors talking down to Americans about the vaccine? Comment below…