Guess Why the Doctors Laughed

The Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account might have outdone itself with this video; normally, when watching their collections of deranged leftists, I just chuckle. This time, however, a guffaw heard round the office escaped my lips. Watch the video and it won’t be hard to tell why:

For those that can’t bear to watch someone that Salem’s residents circa 1692 might have taken an interest in investigating, here’s what the Tik Tok lib wrote:

“I’m literally sat waiting for a mental health appointment and two of the doctors just walked passed looked at me and then p!Ssed them selves laughing.”

There’s a whole lot going on there, as is usual when leftists think it’s Festivus and take to Tik Tok to air their grievances.

We’ll start with the grammar and spelling, as what this lib wrote is just horrendous.

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First off, saying “I’m literally sat waiting” is terrible, just terrible. Because she(?) used “literally” like that, I am, as a lib might say, “literally shaking right now.” Furthermore, there’s the use of “sat” rather than “sitting,” which is so bad it as to be a joke, or just shows that there is even less under that shaved scalp than you’d expect.

Next up is “literally” the next part of the sentence, where she(?) says “walked passed.” Really? Did ya mean “walked past,” smooth brain?

Then there’s the space between “them” and “selves.” Even spell check could have caught that one, assuming the space behind her eyes is as empty as one might assume.

Finally, there are the missing commas, but I have the feeling that syntax isn’t something that should be at the top of her(?) priority list right now.

But, frankly, it looks like she(?) needs to be attending elementary school grammar lessons even more than she(?) needs mental health help, though both are certainly imperative.

In any case, the utter lack of self-awareness is astounding.

Who other than a self-obsessed, delusional leftist that likely identifies as some weird gender could shave the top of her head, wear witch-like makeup, and get a variety of weird piercings, then get up in arms when people laugh?

If the goal was to get people to recoil in horror rather than laugh hysterically, then perhaps the surprise would be understandable, but since this wasn’t filmed on Halloween I doubt that was the goal.

Leftists are insane and waging a war on beauty; this video shows that beautifully, and the implications for the West are horrifying. How can we survive if self-obsessed weirdos like this are all that’s left?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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