Gun Owners File Lawsuit Against D.C., Here’s What They’re Fighting For

Residents of both Virginia and Washington, D.C., have filed a lawsuit suing the nation’s capital in order to try and lift the current ban on carrying concealed firearms on Metrorail and Metro buses inside the city limits.

As we’ve seen as of late, there have been significant rulings in the Supreme Court about gun rights that have sparked renewed vigor in fighting for the Second Amendment at every level, pushing back against intrusive gun control laws that only serve to punish those who are law abiding, rather than violent criminals.

According to a report from Just the News, “The four plaintiffs argue in the lawsuit that many of D.C.’s current restrictions on where individuals can carry a concealed handgun – including schools, restaurants and government buildings – indeed have merit, but a ban on carrying while on public transportation is unjustified, the DCist reports.”

“There is not a tradition or history of prohibitions of carrying firearms on public transportation vehicles,” the lawsuit filed by attorney George Lyon, goes on to say. “Public transportation systems did not exist as they do today at the founding of the nation.”

“However, there was plainly a tradition of firearms carry when citizens traveled from their homes. In modern parlance, Americans carried arms to prevent their gatherings from becoming soft targets,” it continues.

The lawsuit was officially filed last week, not long after the Supreme Court nixed a law in New York City that had severe restrictions on carrying a concealed firearm outside of an individual’s home.

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The court decided in a 6-3 ruling that the clause of the law that required folks applying for concealed carry guns to prove they had a special reason for carrying a weapon or the need to defend themselves beyond general self-defense was a violation of the Second Amendment.

“The ruling raised constitutional questions about limits on carrying guns outside the home that could result in other lawsuits beyond D.C.,” the report says.

We’ve seen so much controversy over the decades that have passed since the Constitution and its Bill of Rights were ratified concerning the ownership of firearms. Which is amazing to me because the text is written rather plainly.

The very last part even says, “shall not be infringed,” which means the right to bear arms should not be hindered in any capacity, as the founders believed that citizens need to have access to the kind of weapons being utilized by the military in case the government becomes oppressive and violent.

Which is precisely why the government doesn’t want you and I to have access to those kinds of weapons. Thus, they push for gun control any time some awful shooting or tragedy happens because they are ultimately working toward a final overall ban. With guns out of the way, it will be nigh to impossible to resist any sweeping changes they want to force down on you.

Our founders, in their brilliance, codified the Second Amendment in order to ensure we always have access to weapons should such action by the government be taken.

This is why we must defend it with passion, which is what these folks in the lawsuit are doing.

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