“Had My Back”: Here’s Who Rogan is Thanking for Supporting Him When the Left Viciously Attacked

Joe Rogan is no rock-ribbed conservative. In fact, as the DMT-taking, pot-smoking, podcaster repeatedly emphasizes on his podcast, he’s quite liberal when it comes to most social issues. On everything from drug use to climate change, gay marriage to weed legalization, he’s proven that assertion to be reasonably true and himself to be a liberal of the old sort.

But, as has been seen with other former “liberals” such as Elon Musk, who recently announced that he would be voting Republican because of how crazy leftists have gotten, the left has changed a lot in recent years and now former tenets of the left, particularly freedom of speech, have turned into things that the left attacks and conservatives support.

And so, when the left came for Rogan because he used a certain word that they really, really don’t like a few times, it was conservatives that stood by him and leftists that were ranting, raving, and demanding that he be deplatformed.

And Rogan noticed that, realizing that it was the conservatives who were standing by him and the leftists who were attacking him, something he noted during the Tuesday episode of his podcast.

Speaking on that and the issue of free speech, Rogan, talking to a fellow comedian, first brought up the recent, controversial Ricky Gervais Netflix special, saying:

“We live in this weird era where you can’t even make fun of a thing unless you’re a bad person. You’re a hater. Like fun equals hate now.

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Indeed it does to the left, unless they’re the ones making fun and conservatives or conservative shibboleths on the receiving end of the left’s hate.

Regardless, Rogan continued his statement, emphasizing how the right is now the side that defends free speech and the left that attacks it, saying:

“Who would’ve thought that, if you look back on the early days, what we used to think of as conservative versus liberal, liberal was pro-free speech. People were open-minded, non-violent. And people were open to other people’s ideas.”

[…]That’s not the case today. Today, the Left has gone so f***ing far Left, so radical, that the Right are the ones that are celebrating comedians, and celebrating Chappelle.”

It was then that he got to his main point, which is that he found it absolutely wild that it was Fox News, the most conservative of the corporate press networks, that was siding with him during the recent controversy over his word choice. Speaking on that point, he said:

“They had my back through all the crazy s*** that happened with me. It was Fox News that f***ing had my back.

Indeed, the times are changing and now the right, disgusted with years of online censorship, is pushing for free speech in the public square while the left, rejecting its 1960s ideology, is attacking freedom of speech at every available opportunity.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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