“FU**ING MORON!”; Bill Maher Unloads On Panicked Liberals For Wearing Masks Outdoors

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher offered up some of his trademark sharp wit during his Friday program that isn’t great news for Democrats.

During a discussion with guests Rob Riner and Democratic strategist Rachel Bitecofer about ongoing COVID-19 nonsense, Maher said “how we react to coming out of this is looking like a big liability to the Democrats,” adding that he believes “sometimes their whole attitude toward this was a liability.”

He’s likely referring to Democratic mayors and governors who locked down and closed businesses early, then stayed locked down and closed, with never-ending mask mandates and school closures thrown in for good measure. And let’s not forget the many examples of Democratic hypocrisy throughout the pandemic in the form of mayors and governors getting busted violating their own mandates.

Maher went on to cite a Gallup poll on attitudes regarding the continuance of mask-wearing going forward, which showed that a huge majority of Republicans believe people who are vaccinated, healthy, and not showing symptoms should “lead their normal lives.”

Meanwhile, said the host, “71 percent of Democrats: stay home. Keep cowering,” Maher said.

“I see people on the street walking outside with a mask on, like you f**king moron! I just want to shout at them outside the car, you’re a moron! You never could get it outside, really, and you’re alone walking on the street with a mask?” he said.

Bitecofer, who outrageously claimed that Republicans “killed” a “couple hundred thousand people” during the pandemic — despite the fact that tyrannical coronavirus mandates in blue states and cities also did not slow it down or stop it from spreading — disagreed with Democrats who feel that way because “it is stupid, and it’s a rejection of science.”

“You can’t say on one end, we’ve got to listen to the science and the data, and then when science says you can’t get Covid outside and you never could and you don’t need a mask anymore, be like, oh, I’m just not going to do it!” Maher added.

“Now we’re over the–It’s over. Can we just say it’s over?” Maher said at one point. “I know it was great fun to have a pandemic and order Grubhub every night, but…”

Even Riner, the original left-wing extremist, agreed with Maher that vaccinated people should not be concerned about infecting people and thus can shun the mask. But he went on to say unvaccinated people should continue to do so and stay away from others?

“Why? You’re vaccinated,” Maher challenged.

“I watch the basketball playoffs now, most of the people are in the stands not wearing masks, and apparently there’s no super-spreader event coming out of that. And yet I see the players are playing without masks, they go on the bench, the coach has a mask on! Why? It’s just stupid, inconsistent, ass-covering,” he continued.

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“Don’t be afraid of the person who isn’t” vaccinated, the host said. “Life is a risk, everything is a risk.”

Maher is a classic liberal in the sense that yes, he’s definitely left-of-center. But he’s not moronic about it.