Facebook’s 3rd Party Fact Checkers Give Update On Danish Mask Study

HealthFeedback.org has issued a “fact check” correction on our story about the Danish mask study.

Here’s what they have to say:


Misleading: The Danish study was designed to determine whether recommending that people wear face masks reduces their risk of COVID-19 infection by 50%. The study only evaluated the ability of face masks to protect the wearer. Hence, the study does not address whether wearing face masks are effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 from an infected to uninfected person. .
Fails to grasp significance of observation: The authors of the Danish study stated that their findings were inconclusive and they were not able to determine whether face masks are effective at protecting the wearer from COVID-19 infection.
Lack of context: The study has several important limitations, such as the lack of statistical power and low adherence to mask recommendations by participants.

Click here to read the full study for yourself…

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