HERE THEY COME: Dems Set to Introduce New Wave of New Gun Bills Including Registration and Bans

In the recent past when Democrats vowed to pass new gun laws, Second Amendment supporters knew that Republicans generally served as a bulwark against the left’s anti-gun assaults.

But beginning Tuesday at high noon, the GOP bulwark disappears.

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President Donald Trump, our most ardent presidential defender firearms, will be departing the Oval Office under high controversy (and no, we’re not talking about the insane second impeachment). And Republicans’ majority in the Senate will vanish as the 50-50 chamber will become Vice President Kamala Harris’ to do with as she (and, ostensibly, the president-elect) pleases.

And she ‘pleases’ to dispose of as much of the Second Amendment as she and other Democrats can possibly get rid of, as Bearing Arms reports.

Here comes a bevy of new gun control bills:

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Emboldened by their newly-united government, Democrats, particularly Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) have already introduced a raft of new gun control legislation — most of which does not even yet have text.

The almost spray-and-pray tactic is a wish-list of liberal infringements on the hated Second Amendment.

We have HR 127 “To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.”

What that “certain ammunition” is, is unclear, but in the past the gun grabbers have railed against “armor piercing” ammunition (commonly purchased 5.56 mm NATO green tips, for instance) among others.

Specifically, the Giffords law says: “Moreover, certain types of ammunition, such as armor-piercing handgun ammunition, 50 caliber rounds, and Black Talon bullets, pose a particular danger to the public and to law enforcement, and serve no legitimate sporting purpose. Strict controls on the manufacture, transfer, and possession of these types of ammunition can help promote public safety.”

This is fear porn; Black Talon rounds have not been for sale to the general public since 1993, the outlet noted, adding that the manufacture of these bullets ended completely in 2000.

And .50 caliber rounds? Seriously? These could be anything from black powder to sniper rifle to handgun rounds. But the thing is, they are almost never used in the commission of crimes, so what, really, is the point? Control, of course. Control.

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And the registration of firearms is for one purpose only: So that the government can come and collect them later, no doubt after accusing gun owners of “insurrection” in the same way Capitol rioters have been accused of being “seditious.”

If American gun owners have anything to feel confident about ahead of the anti-gun legislative onslaught, it’s this: President Trump and the GOP Senate put a lot of young constitutionalists on the federal bench. Let’s hope they have the stomach to uphold the Constitution they swore an oath to.

Ditto for the Supreme Court.

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