Here’s How Biden’s ‘Green Energy’ Plan Will Cause Prices to Skyrocket

Critics of wild-eyed renewable energy schemes like the Green New Deal mostly cite how outrageously and prohibitively expensive they are to justify their opposition.

The infrastructure for fossil fuel-powered energy — oil and natural gas — is well-established, they argue, which is why the energy sector powers the vast majority of our economy and development.

Sure, wind and solar show promise, but there is very little existing infrastructure for those two sectors and besides, they are dependant on the earth in order to function — and the earth isn’t always cooperative.

Solar power requires sunlight, and clouds pretty much put that technology out of action. And wind-powered energy production only occurs if there is wind, naturally.

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And both of those methods of production are expensive, hence the energy they produce is expensive.

But none of that matters to Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers; they’re all well taken care of and have a seat at the table of power. And since much of their living is provided by taxpayers, they don’t have the same kind of concerns about, say, $10-a-gallon gasoline or an electric bill that is 3-4 times higher than it is now — like the taxpayers paying their salaries do.

In fact, according to one expert, solar and wind-powered electricity is already raising prices for consumers; adding more of it will only make costs go up even higher.

Fox Business Network notes:

Electricity prices are set to “skyrocket” as President Biden steers the U.S. economy toward a green-energy agenda, according to experts.

Biden has pledged to achieve a net-zero electricity grid by 2035 and a net-zero economy by 2050.

Solar and wind make up a respective 1% and 3% of all U.S. energy, according to a report published last month by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Coal, petroleum, and natural gas account for a combined 79% of U.S. energy.

Biden’s new energy and climate plans are designed to “get coal-fired and natural gas-fired electricity prices high enough that then solar and wind become competitive,” said Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition, which seeks to educate the public about the important contributions carbon dioxide makes to our lives and the economy.

The shale revolution and fracking have caused natural gas prices to plummet over the past decade. Prices were projected to be over $20 per one thousand cubic feet, and instead are today under $2. Coal prices are also declining.

That said, electricity prices are already rising due to the “wasteful, duplicative solar and wind on our grid,” said Alex Epstein, founder and president of the Center for Industrial Progress, a for-profit think tank that wants to see our country experience a second industrial revolution.

Already, tens of millions of Americans experience a phenom known as ‘energy poverty’; that is, they don’t earn enough to afford adequate energy needs. Meanwhile, some 25 million Americans have said they won’t buy food or other necessities before making sure they keep their power on. Another 10 million say they’re forced to keep their homes at unsafe temperatures because they have trouble paying the electric bill.

And Biden’s handlers, driven by a former bartender-turned-energy guru, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, want to make it even harder for these Americans to keep their lights, heating, and AC on.

Germany is a case in point. In 2000, the German government began moving towards so-called renewables; by 2019, the country produced 515.6 terawatt-hours of power with 46% coming from solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric generation. Berlin wants to achieve 65-percent renewable energy production by 2030.

So? Well, according to Epstein, electricity prices “have doubled just to get to thirty-three percent solar and wind, and they’re having all sorts of issues.”

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Here’s something else: The U.S., under former President Donald Trump’s focus on domestic energy production, brought the U.S. to self-energy dependence and lowered our carbon footprint at the same time.

All Biden’s handlers have to do, then, is to continue pursuing Trump’s policies — but they won’t, which ought to tell you that there’s more to what they’re trying to accomplish with the dramatic shift to ‘green energy’ than clean air.

Maybe control of the masses? A dependant, impoverished population is a malleable, controllable population.

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