Here’s How Many Republican Senators Would Likely Vote For Trump Conviction

Now that Joe Biden has taken up residence in the White House, the top priority for Democrats will be to move forward with their unprecedented second impeachment of now-former president Donald J. Trump.

Thanks to Nancy Pelosi who rushed the process through the House Of Representatives with no debate in order to humiliate a man who has driven her mad with hatred, the early days of the Biden regime will be mired in an unnecessary farce after Trump has transitioned to a private citizen.

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With the hysteria having somewhat died down after the chaos in D.C. that led to a brief occupation of the Capitol including Pelosi’s office, there may be less of an appetite from Senate Republicans for convicting Trump out of fear of the political fallout.

Indications are that Pelosi’s vindictive impeachment is doomed to failure with only a handful of “Republicans” likely to join with Democrats to convict Trump in what will be a blatantly political spectacle with the goal being of preventing him from running again in 2024.

According to one report citing GOP sources, there will only be “five or six Republican senators at the most” who will vote to convict Trump.

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Via The Hill, “GOP senators say only a few Republicans will vote to convict Trump”:

Republicans say the chances that former President Trump will be convicted in an impeachment trial are plummeting, despite lingering anger among some Republicans over his actions.

Only five or six Republican senators at the most seem likely to vote for impeachment, far fewer than the number needed, GOP sources say.

A two-thirds majority vote would be necessary for a conviction, something that would require at least 17 GOP votes if every Democrat votes to convict Trump.
Senators say a few things have moved in Trump’s favor.

One significant development is that Trump decided not to pardon any of the individuals charged with taking part in the Capitol riot, which would have lost him more Republican support.

“I thought if he pardoned people who had been part of this invasion of the Capitol, that would have pushed the number higher because that would have said, ‘These are my guys,’” said one Republican senator, who requested anonymity to speak about how GOP senators are likely to vote.

GOP senators are also worried about a political backlash from the former president’s fervent supporters.

Senate Republicans were forced to take a better look around at the political landscape after the fallout over Rep. Liz Cheney’s joining House Dems which was cheered by the corrupt establishment media but could be a career killer for Dick Cheney’s ambitious daughter.

The Hill also reports that Republicans are worried about alienating Trump supporters in advance of the 2022 midterms when the president’s party traditionally loses seats.

A second Republican senator said the Republican Party needs to rebuild and warned it will be tough to bring Trump’s base into the party tent ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election if GOP senators vote in large numbers to convict Trump.

“I do think his supporters would be very upset,” the lawmaker said.

The report comes after Republican Senator Rand Paul warned that a Senate conviction of Trump would “destroy” the party.

It’s pretty much a given that Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey will vote to convict Trump but the political winds have shifted with any who do join with Democrats likely to become pariahs.

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