Here’s When Former Trump National Security Adviser Thinks China Will Attack Taiwan

A former White House national security adviser believes that Chinese President Xi Jinping likely thinks that the best time to bring Taiwan completely under China’s control would be before the end of President Joe Biden’s first term.

This makes sense, as Biden is totally weak and frail, so there’s no need to worry, really about potential blowback from the United States after the Chinese government takes action to bring Taiwan back in line.

“I think President Xi … sees what’s happening in Ukraine and Russia and United States politically and he says, ‘I may only have about two years to resolve this. Because who knows what’s going to happen in two years?” the former adviser, retired-Army Gen. Keith Kellogg, went on to say during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

According to Just the News, a few critics of the president argue that he does not do a real bang-up job of making the U.S. look strong on the world stage.

“He is probably thinking like most of us, that Joe Biden will only be a one-term president,” Gen. Kellogg went on to say about the Chinese president.

The chances of Biden being a one term president are, as of now, pretty darn high. The guy has managed to eviscerate the economy, set world record high rates of inflation, and jack up the price of gas to astronomical figures. These are not the ways you get reelected president.

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“As Taiwan increasingly attempts to exert its independence from China, the Chinese government has in turn increasingly flexed its military might in the air and sea around Taiwan,” the report said.

Kellogg then stated during the conversation with Solomon that the Chinese military has not been significantly challenged in the last 70 years, noting that China should really pay attention to what’s been happening in Ukraine, as Russia, a much larger and greater military force, has been stopped by a much smaller Ukrainian force that has managed to stave off the invasion from Russia.

He said that Xi’s “problem is the Chinese military has not been tested since the Korean War,” Kellogg commented. And the Ukrainians have shown what a defense can look like – a good, robust offense. And I think [Xi] has to be concerned about that. … Strength in numbers doesn’t matter.”

The retired general then went on to suggest the U.S. also pay close attention to tensions around the world that are beginning to escalate and seize an opportunity to put forward a more powerful image on the geopolitical stage.

“I’m not too sure that we should sit back quietly, because I think within two years, I think Taiwan is gonna rise to the level of the real crisis,” he said during the interview.

“I think the Chinese much like the Russians, look at the US military, in a way like, “OK, it’s a very large force, it has great capacity, but it’s also the leadership is a little bit woke right now. And they forget that their main thing is to fight,” he went on to add.

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