Hilarious Picture From Mar-A-Lago Is Bringing Joy To Twitter Users

If you voted for Trump in either the 2016 or 2020 election, always remember that CNN, The NY Times and the entire political left thinks that you’re a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe who voted for a “monster”, “dictator” and a “white supremacist”.

However, this is just more fake news (like everything else they report)

Now, a new picture posted by Caleb Hull is making the rounds on Twitter and it’s not only bringing joy to Trump supporters everywhere, but it is spitting in the face of the left-wing narrative that Trump is a ranging sexist and racist.

Look at the picture below from Mar-A-Lago, which shows Trump’s employees laughing, smiling, and trying to get a picture with him. Take a few seconds to focus on a different person each time you look at the picture. As Hull says, there is a LOT going on!

The photo features men and women of different backgrounds having the time of their lives, yet the media will go to the grave with the narrative that Trump is the worst human being to walk the face of the earth.

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Here is some of the best reaction from Twitter users:

This user ‘Radical Centrist’ appears to dislike Trump but admits that he has the “IT factor”:

What is your reaction to this hilarious picture? Comment below…

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