Hilarious Video Shows Trump And Tucker’s Priceless Reactions when “LGB” Chant Breaks Out During Golf Tournament [WATCH]

The LIV Golf Tour is the Saudi-sponsored competitor to the PGA, one that has divided the golf community over the issue of the PGA’s past monopoly on professional golf and the Saudi Arabian government’s human rights record.

Turns out, it’s also full of decidedly non-woke people that might enjoy golf but have no love for the incompetent, sclerotic, and embarrassing Biden regime.

Such is what could be seen at the LIV tournament over the weekend, when a collection of conservatives including Trump and Tucker stepped outside to watch the tournament and the crowd broke into an awesome “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

Watch that chant here:

The chant when the MAGA politicos walked outside led to an amazing photo of Trump and Tucker laughing as the crowd jeeringly mocked Brandon with its chant. Don Jr. later shared a screenshot of that, posting it with the caption “my politics in a single picture”.

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Another funny tweet shared the now-famous image with the line “and then he said ‘repeat the line'”, a joke about Biden’s reading instructions off of the teleprompter in a series of very embarassing incidents.

The chant and video capped off a great weekend for Trump, who not only got to hear a crowd mock the man that replaced him, but also got to get a bit of mockery in himself, hitting a great shot and then asking onlookers if Biden could have hit a similarly good shot. Watch that here:

This tournament in the LIV tour took place at Trump’s Bedminster course in New Jersey, one made all the more famous by his repeated trips there.

The tournament is not without controversy however, mostly because the left hates Saudi Arabia and the PGA has tried to use that hatred to protect its monopoly, saying that any players who participate in the LIV tour won’t be allowed to play in the PGA.

Trump, for his part, has cheered the Saudi-backed tournament, saying:

I think LIV has been a great thing for Saudi Arabia, for the image of Saudi Arabia. I think it’s going to be an incredible investment from that standpoint, and that’s more valuable than lots of other things because you can’t buy that — even with billions of dollars.

The Hill, reporting more on the controversy surrounding the tournament, added that:

The families of 9/11 victims have criticized Trump’s decision to host the event at his golf club, noting that he had previously blamed Saudi Arabia for the attacks. Most of the terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001, were Saudi, but the government has denied involvement in the attacks.

Trump told the Journal that he understands the 9/11 families’ feelings but does not know much about their stance. He added that the controversy surrounding Khashoggi’s death has “totally died down.”

LIV Golf has caused controversy by luring several prominent PGA Tour players, such as Phil Mickelson and Brooks Koepka, with its guaranteed payout regardless of performance in the tournament.

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