Hillary Clinton Admits There Is Only One Way to Remove Trump From Office

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On Friday, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made the unfortunate admission for Democrats when she announced that the only way to “remove” President Trump from office was to vote him out in 2020. This is the same argument that Republicans have made for over a year now while Democrats have tried removing him by impeachment.

“With their votes to make the American president accountable to no one, Republican senators have put the interests of one president over the interests of all Americans,” Clinton tweeted on Friday after Senate Republicans voted against additional impeachment witnesses.

“The only remedy now is for us all to vote in overwhelming numbers to replace them—and him—in November,” she continued.

On Friday, the Republican controlled Senate voted against calling on more witnesses for the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump.

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The vote was a close one: 51 to 49.

NBC News reports:

The Senate voted not to call witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial Friday afternoon, ushering in the final phase of the proceedings, with a vote to acquit or convict Trump possibly coming as late as Wednesday.

The vote was 49 to 51.

Democrats sought testimony from ex-national security adviser John Bolton on Trump’s alleged conditioning of Ukraine aid on investigations into Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden. But they failed to get a majority to back their efforts after Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, two key Republican swing votes, announced that they would not back the move.

While Hillary Clinton knows that the only way to beat President Trump is in the election, House Democrats feel differently. According to Republican Representative Devin Nunes, Democrats will continue to try to remove President Trump by impeachment.

During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday night, Nunes shockingly said that the Senate’s decision to vote against additional witnesses was “bad news.”

According to Nunes, even if the Senate acquits President Trump, the House will continue to try to remove him from office.

“I actually have some bad news for you tonight, Tucker on Friday night,” Nunes said. “The problem is this isn’t going to end. I just can’t imagine that Adam Schiff, after three and a half years of this nonsense — and Jerry Nadler — are not going to continue this, right? They are going to go back and subpoena John Bolton. We’re going to have the same exact thing that you have been seeing for the last three and a half years. I just think you should prepare.”

“We thought once Mueller collapsed completely, we thought, ‘okay, we’re going to get on to business,’” he added. “And then out of nowhere this Ukraine hoax appeared. And, look, this really is a hoax. This was Adam Schiff and his staff concocting this all together with people that all know each other. All these people know each other that concocted this stupid Ukraine hoax that we have been dealing with for the last week in the Senate. So anyway, bad news for you tonight. I bet even after the acquittal we’re gonna be working on this.”

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Nunes then responded to Carlson’s question on why Democrats are “continuing to do this.”

Nunes brought Senator Sanders into the mix.

“If Bernie wins on Monday night, you have an entire takeover by the extreme left of the historic Democratic Party,” he said. “It no longer ceases to exist. It’s gonna be the socialist party.”

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