Hillary Clinton and DNC are Being Fined by the U.S. Government Over Russian Dossier Hoax

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee are about to face at least some justice for pushing the four-year-long Russia hoax onto the American people.

While it won’t mean that Hillary Clinton will be facing jail time for orchestrating a fraud that resulted in federal surveillance of her campaign rival, a felony abuse of the FISA court system, her campaign and its DNC allies are being fined by the Federal Elections Commission, the Washington Examiner exclusively reported on Wednesday.

“The Federal Election Commission has fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for lying about the funding of the infamous, and discredited, Russian ‘dossier’ used in a smear attempt against Donald Trump weeks before he shocked the world with his 2016 presidential victory,” the report said.

“The election agency said that Clinton and the DNC violated strict rules on describing expenditures of payments funneled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their law firm,” the report added.

“A combined $1,024,407.97 was paid by the treasurers of the DNC and Clinton campaign to law firm Perkins Coie for Fusion GPS’s information, and the party and campaign hid the reason, claiming it was for legal services, not opposition research,” it continued. “Instead, the DNC’s $849,407.97 and the Clinton campaign’s $175,000 covered Fusion GPS’s opposition research on the dossier, a basis for the so-called “Russia hoax” that dogged Trump’s first term.”

“The FEC, in a memo to the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, which filed its complaint over three years ago, said it fined Clinton’s treasurer $8,000 and the DNC’s treasurer $105,000,” the report noted. “The memo, shared with Secrets, is to be made public in a month.”

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“This may well be the first time that Hillary Clinton — one of the most evidently corrupt politicians in American history — has actually been held legally accountable, and I’m proud to have forced the FEC to do their job for once,” Dan Backer of the Coolidge Reagan Foundation told Secrets. “The Coolidge Reagan Foundation proved that with pluck and grit, Americans who stand with integrity can stand up to the Clinton machine and other corrupt political elites.”

This may not be the level of accountability that many Americans are looking for. But it is the first sign that the federal government is aware that the Russia hoax was an act of serious wrongdoing against the American people and it did more than issue a ‘report.’

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