Hillary Clinton Warns 2020 Dems This One Policy Could Cost Them Big

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned 2020 Democratic hopefuls this week that supporting one particular policy could cost them big in the upcoming election.

Appearing at The New York Times DealBook Conference, Clinton said "Medicare-for-all" and a wealth tax will not sit well with many voters, warning that it would be "incredibly disruptive." 


For once, Clinton actually said something that most Americans agree with: these socialist policies would be dangerous for the country.

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Her comments came in response to a question about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's "Medicare-for-all" plan in comparison to adding a "public option," a proposed aspect of ObamaCare that later was dropped. 

Clinton said:

"I think the debate within the Democratic Party is a very healthy debate to try to figure out how to achieve the goal of covering everybody with quality, affordable health care. My view on this, having been working on it for many years now, is that the Affordable Care Act took us to 90 percent of coverage, the highest we have ever gotten in our country after many, many efforts... we have a 10-percent gap to fill and we have a lot of learning to do about the best way not only to fill the gap but then to drive down costs as much as it's possible to do so without undermining quality advancements." 

Clinton went on to argue that the "smarter approach" on health care was to "build on what we have," referring to the public option and allowing almost 160 million Americans to keep their current plans.

"I don't believe we should be in the midst of a big disruption while we are trying to get to 100-percent coverage and deal with costs and face some tough issues about competitiveness and other kinds of innovation in health care. If you look at the 2018 election, you even look at the gains that were made by Democrats [on Tuesday's elections], the people who are saying, 'You know what, I am determined -- we're gonna get to universal coverage, we're going to get to a point where people can afford it, their premiums are not going to be skyrocketing, their deductibles are not going to be overwhelming, et cetera -- and here's the best way to do it.' That is, I think, the best position politically, and I also think it makes the most sense in terms of solving the problem." 

Clinton's comments came just days after Warren admitted that in order for many of her socialist plans to go into effect, taxes will have to be raised on the middle class.

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Warren snidely brushed off the fact that substantial job losses are “part of the cost issue” with Medicare for All policy, which experts estimate to be around 2 million jobs.

Isn't it amazing how she so easily brushed off the fact that her plan -- which is estimated to cost trillions of dollars -- will eliminate at least 2 million jobs from hard-working Americans.

There's a chance that someone reading this post right now could have their job eliminated if Warren becomes president and her socialist Medicare for All plan goes into effect.