Hollywood Has Meltdown For The Ages After Trump Surprises Supporters Outside Hospital

Hollywood liberals had total meltdowns after President Donald Trump took a victory lap outside of Walter Reed Military Hospital to show his gratitude for his supporters that had gathered outside of the hospital.

Bette Midler, Jim Carrey, Patton Oswalt, and Michael Moore were enraged after they saw the video clip of President Trump waving to his supporters while wearing a mask from his motorcade.

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The celebrities were claiming that President Trump was endangering the lives of Secret Service agents which is ironic considering the same celebrities have supported the violent riots against law enforcement and have also supported the Defund the Police movement.

Jim Carry had a meltdown on Twitter where he shared one of his cartoons.

“Covid infected Trump takes the Secret Service for a dangerous ride so he can reconnect with his patriotic base. #BidenHarris” he tweeted.

Bette Milder cited Dr. James P. Phillips, a George Washington University physician in a tweet, claiming that the Secret Service agents were “commanded by Trump to risk their lives for theater.”

Actor Jeffrey Wright was mad that a Secret Service member was being extra cautious.

“Secret Service dude in full PPE so Trump can get his fame & power jollies off. Deep,” he tweeted

2 Days in Paris actor Adam Goldberg also had a meltdown on Twitter.

“So in sum. Masks are for pussies. Masks don’t work. But if you’re hospitalized with a full blown infection, they prevent your driver and bodyguard from contracting it on superfluous motorcade trips which defy public health recommendations,” he tweeted.

Anti-Trump actor Alex Baldwin tweeted, “Whenever I feel rather ill, I always stage a mini-parade and…voilá!”

Actor Ken Jeong tweeted to President Trump, saying, “Stop yelling and illegally joy riding and get some rest, sweetie.”

Actor Billy Baldwin whined, “Wait… did Trump just do some sort of COVID victory lap around Walter Reed???”

LA TV host Jillian Barberie had the biggest metldown of them all.

“So he went BACK to the Hospital?” she tweeted. “WTF???????? What a fucking weirdo sociopath. Constantly needing the ego fed by his followers. He’s right. I’m beginning to think he COULD shoot someone on 5th ave and trumpers wouldn’t care.”

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