House Democrats Sue Trump For Another Ridiculous Reason

The Democratic Party has gone so far off the deep end they are now trying to argue Americans do not have the right to know who is a legal and illegal citizen in their own country.

That’s essentially the argument the Democratic-controlled House Oversight Committee made this week when they filed a lawsuit against Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

Democrats are suing the officials for blocking its investigation into the administration’s decision to forgo adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

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New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she filed the lawsuit because the two departments have not handed over documents related to the squashing of the question.

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“Since the Supreme Court ruled against them — and the House of Representatives held them in contempt for blocking the Committee’s investigation — Attorney General Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross have doubled down on their open defiance of the rule of law and refused to produce even a single additional document in response to our Committee’s bipartisan subpoenas,” said Maloney.

“I am filing this enforcement action today because the Trump Administration’s brazen obstruction of Congress must not stand,” she added. “President Trump and his aides are not above the law.”

Trump abandoned the citizenship question last summer after the Supreme Court said the administration’s justification for the question “seems to have been contrived.” 

The president signed an executive order that directed agencies to provide all the citizenship data allowed by law to the Commerce Department.

The administration has produced more than 31,000 pages of documents to the House regarding the census issue, and senior officials from both agencies, including Ross, have spoken on the record about the matter.

But that’s not enough for Democrats. Russia collusion failed and their Ukraine witch hunt is failing, so now they are trying to sue the Trump administration over the census.

The Trump administration attempting to add the citizenship question is a big deal, especially since President Obama is the one that removed it shortly after he took office.

In 1911, the number of U.S. House of Representative seats was permanently set at 435, where all 50 states have at least one Representative to speak on their behalf.

Other Representatives are allocated based on population figures determined by the U.S. Census every ten years.

By including the question on whether an immigrant is in the U.S. legally or illegally, federal immigration authorities will be able to have updated data on how many illegal immigrants are in the U.S.

And given that a portion of immigrants likely won’t answer the citizenship question, states like California — who harbor illegal immigrants — may lose federal funding for programs that assist immigrants.

If states report fewer immigrants, it could harm federal grants and funding they receive.

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Democrats believe asking people to verify if they are authorized to be in the U.S. is unconstitutional and against federal law.

Liberals are upset because it will help federal immigration officials deport more illegal aliens and slash federal funding to states that shield illegal immigrants.

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