House Dems Announce New Investigation Into Trump Program

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House Democrats are opening up yet another investigation into President Donald Trump, this time into his administration's Migrant Protection Protocols initiative, better known as "Remain in Mexico."


On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship sent a letter to Chad Wolf who serves as the acting Homeland Security Secretary. The letter announced that they had opened up an investigation.

While common sense suggest that illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed to stay in the United States while they await their asylum requests, Democrats argue that the program is "dangerous" and has an "impact on vulnerable populations."

“We write to renew our objections to the ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’ (MPP), as we continue to question the policy’s legality and remain deeply concerned about its impact on vulnerable populations,” the letter said. “We strongly believe that MPP is a dangerously flawed policy that threatens the health and safety of legitimate asylum seekers — including women, children, and families — and should be abandoned.”

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The statement which was signed by far-left Rep. Jerrold Nadler along with Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren and six others, continues: “The House Judiciary Committee has held hearings, sent oversight letters, and participated in a variety of staff-level briefings in which administration officials have been unable or unwilling to answer basic questions relating to MPP. A comprehensive review of the policy, its implementation, and its impact on vulnerable populations is necessary.”

Check out what the Daily Caller reported in relation to the initiative:

First launched in January 2019, “Remain in Mexico” has been an instrumental tool for the Trump administration in its mission to control the southern border crisis.

Under the program, foreign nationals who reach the U.S.-Mexico border and claim asylum must wait in Mexico for the entire duration of their court proceedings. This mostly eliminates the possibility of “catch and release,” where migrants are apprehended by Border Patrol, but due to the vast number of those in custody, they are quickly released into the interior of the country with the promise that they return on their court date.

There are roughly 50,000 foreign nationals currently under the “Remain in Mexico” program at the moment. A vast majority of them so far have not won their cases — proving Trump administration correct when they claim that many of their asylum claims are dubious.

As Democrats continue with their hyper-partisan and bogus investigation, leaders close to the border crisis explain how important the "Remain in Mexico" initiative really is.

The Daily Caller continues:

Every senior administration official within DHS, along with Customs and Border Protection, has credited “Remain in Mexico” has having helped stem the border crisis and brining integrity back into the U.S. immigration system. However, Democrats and immigrant-rights groups have grown incensed at the program, saying it’s forcing migrants to live in squalid and dangerous conditions in Mexico, a country that is not known for its security.

These lawmakers have long pressed the Trump administration on Remain in Mexico and its effects, but Tuesday marked the most dramatic move to scrutinize the program to date.

Democrats asked DHS for the following information: documents and correspondence about the program dating back to December 2018, the total number of people and families involved — including a demographic breakdown, the number of people placed and then removed from MPP, documents regarding tent courts erected for MPP hearings, and other pertinent documents.

Members of the committee have asked for this information by Jan. 30.

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