House Dems Make Their Move To Radically Change Supreme Court

The fully radicalized Democratic party is waging war on America's institutions and is now going after the Supreme Court. 

In the opening salvo of what will be an onslaught on the nation's highest court, House Dems have produced legislation to place term limits on appointed justices who enjoy lifetime tenure once they are seated. 


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The bill is the work of California Rep. Ro Khanna, a disciple of Bernie Sanders who serves as the Lenin of the violent revolution that has erupted in the streets and will take a turn for the worse if President Trump is reelected. 

Khanna's bill would dispose of lifetime appointments to replace them with 18-year terms and is yet another of their schemes to change the rules of the game if they are losing. 

According to Khanna:

"We can’t face a national crisis every time there's a SCOTUS vacancy."

"I’m introducing a bill to impose 18yr term limits on future Justices. Long enough to influence judicial trends but not so entrenched. Every president appoints 2 per term."

The Democrats would also limit the number of appointments that a president can make in any term to two, a restriction that would immediately be rolled back when they are able to retake the White House. 

Co-sponsoring Khanna's legislation is Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III, a man who is literally the poster boy for white privilege. 

Via Fox News, "Democrats to unveil bill limiting Supreme Court justice terms":

Democrats plan to introduce legislation that would limit the length of a term a Supreme Court justice could serve to less than two decades as President Trump prepares to announce a candidate to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat this weekend.

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., who is the lead sponsor, is expected to introduce the bill next week, a spokesperson for Rep. Khanna confirmed in an emailed statement to Fox News on Thursday.

The bill would limit justices' terms to 18 years, a spokesperson for Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., who also worked on the legislation, told Fox News.

In a post on Twitter, Khanna said the measure was important to ensure all presidents have “an equal chance to appoint justices.”

Rep. Joe Kennedy III, D-Mass., who is also reportedly co-sponsoring the legislation, penned a post that accused Trump of using the courts to “steal health care from millions, rollback LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights, overturn Roe v. Wade, and launch voter suppression efforts.”

Currently, justices do not have term limits. The average term of a justice appointed between 1966 and to present day is about 25 years.

The legislation would also limit the number of justices a president was allowed to nominate per term to two, according to Reuters, which first reported on the measure.

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Khanna's justification for the change that it would give all presidents “an equal chance to appoint justices” is a sign that even the true believers have no faith in political corpse Joe Biden being able to legitimately win the election. 

It also smacks of the participation trophies that the left has so cherished and which has resulted in at least a generation of maladapted whiners who are unable to accept defeat, like the spoiled white brats who are throwing violent temper tantrums in the streets. 

The bill comes in the aftermath of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg whose own lifetime tenure didn't seem to bother Khanna or Democrats until she died and handed President Trump a third SCOTUS appointment in his first term. 

Democrats have temporarily walked back their plans to pack the SCOTUS, an idea too toxic to promote so close to an election. 

Term limits would be a damned good thing - for Congress. 


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