Houston Coronavirus Cases Explode Weeks After Massive Protests

It didn’t take long for the media to re-engage with their fearmongering campaign over COVID-19 after acting as cheerleaders for massive protests in which tens of thousands ignored all social distancing protocols to take to the streets. 

The push for another wave of crushing lockdowns has been spearheaded by the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci who resurfaced last week for congressional testimony on the same day that Democrat officials across the nation implemented mandatory mask orders. 

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However, some of the panic may be justified this time with the city of Houston now in a state of a major health crisis that threatens to overwhelm hospitals as the virus has spread like wildfire, fueling Democrats’ and the media’s push for a renewed state of forcibly imposed house arrest. 

On Friday, Harris County residents were urged to go back into their homes and they may be there for the foreseeable future now that the largest city in Texas has become the new epicenter for COVID-19.

Via Houston Public Media, “Harris County Increases COVID-19 Threat Level As Hospitals Reach Full Base Capacity”:

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on Friday said the county was at its highest COVID-19 threat level, after a spike in coronavirus hospitalizations led to an uncontrolled spread of the illness in the wake of the state’s reopening.

Hospitals in the Texas Medical Center are using 100% of their base capacity, and are relying on surge contingency plans, Hidalgo said at a press conference Friday. Patients in both general hospital populations and ICU beds have doubled since June 13, and the county has reached new highs every day since then.

“Whichever angle you look at it from, our situation is far worse today than when we issued the first stay-home order in Harris County, and when the state issued their first stay-home order,” Hidalgo said.

In response, Hidalgo asked all Harris County residents to stay home, except for any essential needs like doctor visits.

The explosion of infections in Houston led to Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott closing bars, a move that will further embolden Democrats and their activists who are determined to reimpose the lockdowns. 

With Democrats and the corrupt media rushing to blame it on Abbott who has been whacked around like a pinata after being one of the first to reopen his state, one major detail hasn’t received any attention. 

Houston was the city where George Floyd, the unarmed black man who was viciously killed by a rogue Minneapolis cop is from and the city’s streets were filled with protests attended by tens of thousands while local health officials did nothing. 

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Now Houston is paying the price. 

In an era of propaganda and full spectrum media dishonesty, the greatest lies are those of omission and the simple truth is that new coronavirus cases in Texas were under control until the establishment-sanctioned George Floyd protests became a fertile ground for the likely infection of thousands, many of who could have become super spreaders.

It’s hard to see how the media could lose any more credibility but idea that massive protests have no effect on the spike in cases in the cities where they took place is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who is capable of critical thinking. 

Who are you going to believe? The media or your own lying eyes.