How Convenient: W.H.O Modifies Testing Criteria That Will Make Biden’s Numbers Look “Better” Than Trump’s

The top international health organization has issued a stunning new directive regarding COVID testing guidelines that will result in a drastically lowered number of cases just as Joe Biden sets up shop in the Oval Office

It’s highly unlikely that a career swamp dweller like Biden could have become the nation’s 46th president were it not for the mass hysteria created by the coronavirus pandemic and the radical social changes that have been implemented.

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Life in America was normal only ten months ago and President Trump was cruising toward reelection until the domestic outbreak of the disease that was seized upon by Democrats and their media mouthpieces to lock down the country and derail a booming economy all while blaming the growing number of “cases” on Trump.

The sustained panic allowed Biden, a flailing geriatric gaffe machine bordering on senility to engage in months of fearmongering while the corrupt media accused Trump of killing people and failing to manage the U.S. response based on an ever-exploding number of cases.

However, now that Biden has been successfully installed into the White House, the W.H.O has issued the new guidelines that will drastically diminish the number of false-positive results in what is clearly an effort to cook the numbers in order to make Biden look better than Trump.

Via Breitbart News, “W.H.O. Modifies Virus Testing Criteria on Biden Inauguration Day; May Result in Fewer Positives”:

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.), on the day President Joe Biden took office, released new coronavirus testing guidelines for laboratories worldwide that may result in fewer infections reported by health officials.

On Inauguration Day, the W.H.O. issued the new directives for the commonly used PCR testing in the form of a “medical product alert,” indicating that a patient who comes out positive may need to take a second test and present symptoms to be considered infected.

On Tuesday, the W.H.O advised laboratories that a single PCR test, considered the “gold standard” by health officials, is no longer enough, noting that an asymptomatic person who tests positive may need a second test for confirmation.

“Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different [PCR test],” W.H.O. officials wrote. W.H.O. officials now say that the PCR tests that have been used across the U.S. and elsewhere to detect coronavirus infections are a mere “aid for diagnosis,” adding:

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And just like that, skeptics who had been demonized and censored for questioning the accuracy of the PCR tests have been vindicated.

Much of the fearmongering over COVID came courtesy of a one-two punch delivered by scheming career bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci and a World Health Organization run by a shady Ethiopian with sympathies toward communist China.

They are both still there and now Trump is gone, look for the coming decrease in positive “cases” to be attributed to Biden and his 100-day mask “challenge” while the media will not even bother to mention how the goalposts have been moved.