HUGE: CA Governor Newsom Defends President Trump on CNN

During an interview with CNN host Jake Tapper on Wednesday, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom defended President Donald Trump after Tapper tried baiting him into hammering the President.

The segment started with the CNN host trying to get Newsom to say something bad about President Trump.


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"I've talked to officials throughout the country who have said that they have to temper their remarks and what they say about the federal government response for fear that President Trump will punish the citizens of their state if he considers them to be a complainer," Tapper started.

"You and President Trump seem to have been working collaboratively. He praised you yesterday. Do you find yourself, by necessity, tempering what you say in terms of any issues you might have with the federal response?" Tapper asked.

Newsom replied: "I've been consistent and Jake you know this. We've been dealing with historic wildfires and droughts out west here in California and I've always said, I said it back a year ago. This is not time to bicker. I don't care who is up and down, whose polls are looking better than someone else's or who wants to run for president or who doesn't. When it comes to times of crisis we need to raise above the partisanship and I've always extended an open hand and not a closed fist in those circumstances and this is no different."

Newsom then went on to defend and praise the President: "But let me just be candid with you. I'd be lying to you to say that he hasn't been responsive to our needs. He has! And so as a sort of offer of objectivity, I have to acknowledge that publicly. And the fact is, every time I have called the president he has quickly gotten on the line. When we asked to get support for that Mercy ship in southern California, he was able to direct that in real time. We have got 2000 of these field medical sites that are up and almost all operational now in the state because of his support."


Newsom's comments on CNN were similar to those that he made with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier in the week.

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"The president of the United States directly himself directed the USNS Mercy to the state of California and he did it before we were in an acute crisis so we could prepare not just the ship, but we could prepare for what the ship will do to decompress the rest of our health care delivery system and I am really grateful to him and I mean that. I don't say that lightly," Newsom said to Zuckerberg during a live stream.

With help from President Trump, Newsom has been able to achieve a very positive response in combating the coronavirus crisis.

Doctors and state leaders in the San Francisco area are optimistic that the decision to prematurely lockdown the city has had an extremely positive effect in combating the coronavirus.

The leaders seem to agree that this decision had a direct impact in preventing surges of coronavirus cases.

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Check out what Politico reported:

Six Bay Area counties were first in the country to adopt aggressive tactics with an enforceable March 16 order requiring residents to stay at home. Gov. Gavin Newsom quickly followed with a statewide order three days later restricting the state's 40 million residents from all but essential activities.

After 14 days — the outermost period at which symptoms are believed to emerge post-infection — doctors at area hospitals are now reporting fewer cases than they expected to see at this point, and officials credit the lockdown with stemming the tide of patients they feared would flood into emergency rooms.

Northern California offered a rare glimpse of optimism Monday as the U.S. recorded its most coronavirus deaths in one day and Washington, D.C.-area jurisdictions — Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia — issued their first enforceable stay-at-home orders. Health officials across the nation are eyeing the Bay Area as a bellwether to determine the effects of social distancing, since the region's policies were replicated in various states and cities in subsequent days.

The purpose in locking down the area earlier opposed to later was to allow hospitals time to prepare for the rush of patients needing attention for the coronavirus.

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"We believe very strongly the stay-at-home order has helped advance our efforts in reducing the stress on the system that we believe would have already materialized in more acute ways had we not advanced those protocols when we did," said Newsom on Monday.

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