HUGE! Major 2020 Poll Should Have Joe Biden Absolutely TERRIFIED

A brand new poll reveals that Trump supporters are more excited to vote for their candidate than Biden supporters.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

A total of 42% of voters who said they support Trump indicated they are excited heading into the November election. Just 31% of Biden’s soon-to-be voters said the same thing.

A vast majority, 72%, of Biden’s supporters said they are anxious about the result of the election, compared with 52% of Trump backers.

With less than 100 days until the November presidential election, voters have expressed that race relations, the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and the rejuvenation of the economy are top issues.

Trump’s Media Director released polling numbers in the swing states on Wednesday night, which show the president has sizable leads over Biden.


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Dan Scavino tweeted results from recent polling at the American Principals Project.

Scavino’s tweet is no longer available on Twitter, but here is what he wrote:


Georgia: Trump 49, Biden 46
Kentucky: Trump 60, Biden 34
Michigan: Trump 50, Biden 45
Montana: Trump 52, Biden 42
North Carolina: Trump 49, Biden 46
Pennsylvania: Trump 48, Biden 47
Texas: Trump 49, Biden 45

This new poll comes after President Trump held his first-ever virtual fundraiser last Tuesday night and raised a whopping $20 million from the more than 300,000 individual donors who participated.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the national chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, said the campaign had raised a truckload of money from many Americans who want to see Trump in office for four more years.

“This is a great day for the president and for the country showing the robust enthusiasm for President Donald Trump,” Guilfoyle said.

“They want four more years,” she continued. “We had over 300,000 people log on for our event tonight to donate to the president. We raised over $20 million in the first-ever of its kind virtual Zoom event.”

Raising $20 million in a single fundraising event is jaw-dropping for any candidate, especially during a global pandemic that has made holding in-person events very tricky and difficult.

The event was co-hosted by Guilfoyle and Donald Trump, Jr. along with Trump’s younger daughter Tiffany Trump.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also made an appearance at the virtual event to speak on behalf of Trump and why it’s important that he wins re-election.

“This shows the momentum that the president has that everyday Americans are choosing President Donald Trump,” Guilfoyle told Breitbart. “The silent majority is speaking up with a willingness and a desire to vote for four more years on Nov. 3.”

Guilfoyle said the successful grassroots event allowed everyday Americans to have a direct connection to the president, even if in virtual form.

“Everyday Americans who are forgotten no more under President Donald Trump were able to log on and participate with the president,” Guilfoyle said. “This is a great day for Americans,” she added.

“It has not dropped at all, the small-dollar [donations], through the digital and the mail program,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told the Washington Examiner back in April. “And we’ve seen some pretty big days of fundraising as well.”

The president’s fundraising numbers dwarf those of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, whose campaign has reported just $633 million raised as of Monday.

In the first quarter of this year, the Trump campaign raised an eye-popping $212 million.

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“The president’s re-election effort has raised more than $677 million over the course of the election cycle, about $270 million more than former President Barack Obama had raised by this point in 2012. Biden, who became the de facto Democratic nominee after Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out last week, and the Democratic National Committee reported having just $20 million at the beginning of March,” the report said.

Democrats should be terrified of this.

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