HYPOCRITE ALERT! Liberal Reporter Rips Mask Off When He Thinks The Cameras Aren’t Rolling [WATCH]

Earlier today, President Trump delivered a brief press conference to celebrate the Dow Jones hitting 30,000 for the first time in history.

The media was triggered immediately afterwards because Trump chose not to take any questions. As you can expect, that didn’t stop them from shouting questions at him as he walked away, but thankfully Trump paid them no attention.

However, something interesting happened moments after Trump walked out of the room.

ABC News White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl – who often lectures Trump for not wearing a mask – ripped off his own mask when he thought the cameras had stopped rolling.

He immediately said something to the person beside him WITHOUT his mask on! Which technically makes the Coronavirus even more likely to spread.

Watch below:

It doesn’t get much more hypocritical than this, does it?

Get this everywhere to expose the liberal media for the frauds they are.