HYPOCRITE! Alyssa Milano Just Admitted She Owns TWO GUNS

Gun confiscation activist and far-left actress Alyssa Milano recently admitted that she owns two guns in her house if she ever needs to use them for self defense. The comment by Milano was made while she was having a debate with Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

The debate was held in Cruz's office and Milano was joined by Fred Guttenberg whose daughter had been killed in the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.


Milano comes across as a radical left wing liberal on the social media world however she appeared to be somewhat reserved during the debate. She did however propose universal background checks as well as restricting AR-15s.

“We all believe in the Second Amendment.” she claimed. She immediately went on to sat, “We have to try everything, and figure out what works. Isn’t that worth it?”

Guttenberg later said that he was offended by how Cruz said that every American has a right to self defense. “That’s a load of BS,” he said. “Nobody’s trying to remove your right to self-defense.”

“By the way,” Milano admitted, “I have two guns in my household for self-defense, just so you know.”

Milano has a history of calling for gun confiscation as well as gun control laws that would negatively impact law abiding citizens so her admission was quite surprising.

Do You Support The Second Amendment?

Check out what Breitbart reported:

The Charmed actress has a history of supporting gun control that would impact law-abiding citizens but would do nothing to prevent lawless behavior of criminals.
For example, on June 1, 2019, Breitbart News reported that Milano pushed universal background checks in response to the Virginia Beach shooting, where 12 innocents were killed.
The problem with Milano’s push was that the Virginia Beach gunman acquired his handguns — not a rifle — and passed a background check while purchasing them. This means universal background check legislation would simply serve to put more hoops between law-abiding citizens and guns for self-defense but would have done nothing to prevent the Virginia Beach shooting.
Moreover, on May 5, 2018, Milano led a protest against Vice President Mike Pence at the NRA’s 2018 convention in Dallas, Texas. She did this despite the fact that both Pence and the NRA are renowned defenders of the right to own guns for self-defense.

The debate between Cruz and Milano came to be after the two got into a Twitter battle after Milano asked, “Can someone cite which passage of the Bible God states it is a god-given right to own a gun?”

Cruz later responded saying it was an “excellent” question “worth considering carefully [without] the snark of Twitter.” He then dropped the hammer in 10 Twitter posts answering her question.

Milano was enraged and challenged him to a debate, “so the American people can hear your bullshit [firsthand].”

Once the debate actually came around, Milano's tone was completely changed and she even sucked up to Cruz a little. She was a different person now that she couldn't hide behind a screen. “There’s no animosity at all… I know you’re a smart, smart man, and I know that there are things that we differ on… this meeting was so important for me, because I wanted to be able to look at you in the eye and know that you’re really a human with a heartbeat.” she said.

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