Hypocritical AOC and Squad Members Are At it Again

According to reviewed federal filings, a committee working on expanding its ranks within Congress has received a massive cash donation from unknown donors.

Federal Election Commission records have also shown that the Justice Democrats PAC received $300,000 from Organize for Justice in May. This sum was deposited into the committee’s non-contribution account, which is used on advertisements for or against candidates.

Organize for Justice is the sister nonprofit to the Justice Democrats PAC. The nonprofit hides its funders, making it virtually impossible to decrypt who’s behind the six-figure cash infusion, their single largest donation for the 2022 election cycle.

However, it’s not the only time they’ve received funds from hidden sources. Way to Win, a left-wing nonprofit, donated $100,000 to the Justice Democrats’ pockets in 2020. They have also received mystery donations as large as $50 million from a single, cryptically named entity known as the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

This entity has served as a clearinghouse of undisclosed cash for them for a while. This helped them to spend about $410 million in 2020, even more than the Democratic National Committee itself. While getting funded by dark money, the democrats have criticized this same act.

Democrat Ocasio-Cortez, who was elected with the help of the Justice Democrats, who were heavily funded by leftist dark money, had hypocritically voiced her opinion about dark money in politics as she said it was only destroying democracy.

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In his words, “Dark money is used to manipulate electorates. It is the enemy of democracy. Period. When politicians and corporations weaved their dark web of campaign finance, they created a ticking time bomb for foreign adversaries. To make our democracy safer, we need to get big money OUT.”

Several other democrats who have also been funded with dark money have come out to preach against dark money and still claim to be just. For about a decade now, these same people had always criticized the republicans, claiming that they were spending hundreds of hard-to-trace dollars for their campaigns and made the word “dark money” a dirty word to describe the republicans ‘corrupt’ election practices.

The public, however, seems to have become immune to this displayed ridiculousness as the elections have not been going in favor of the justice democrats. This year, they have had mixed experiences with the elections, which have featured more losses than wins.

One win by Summer Lee was recorded in Pennsylvania in the state district. However, they did not have the same luck in Illinois. Their candidate, Mary Newman, had lost her primary bid to the incumbent Representative Sean Casten. Again, Kina Collins, who had also served on the Biden administration’s team and task force for gun violence prevention, had also lost to incumbent Representative Danny Davis.

The justice democrats have wisely refused to say anything regarding these dark money allegations as the public comes with receipts for every allegation, and it is a fight that they cannot win or manipulate as they always do.


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