“I Know Who Has Done This”: Maxine Waters Claims Her Twitter Account Was Erased By Hackers, Gets Trolled Hard

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is claiming that her Twitter account was “erased” and claims that she knows “who has done this.”

The comments from Waters were immediately met with mockery considering Waters was tweeting from her account that was allegedly “erased.”

“I have been hacked and my Twitter account has been erased. I know who has done this. I will take care of this. M Waters.” Waters’ tweet said on Tuesday morning.

Check out some of the trollers who responded to Waters below:

“So has previous messages have asked how are you tweeting if your account had been hacked could you explain.”

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“he wasn’t wrong folks,” said Caleb Hull with a previous tweet from former President Donald Trump, calling Waters an “extraordinary low IQ person.”

“Lady you got to be kidding right? So you posted that your Twitter account has been deleted or hacked on your existing Twitter account how does that make any sense???”

“Sounds like none of the above is accurate. 1. You’re in the account. 2. The account is live. 3. Really? You know who did it? 4. See point 1.”

“But you’re tweeting.”

“Um ma’am, you posted this on Twitter, I think your account still exists”

“Was it the same hackers that edited Joy Reid’s blog from the future?”

“Joined 2009. Doesn’t look erased. Kinda reminds me of an end user who emails the help desk to say their email is broken.”

“$100 says Trump’s getting impeached for this.”

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