“I’ll throw you down these stairs!”; Leaked Video Shows Chris Cuomo Absolutely Flipping Out

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had an all out meltdown after being called "Fredo" by a man out in public.

"Fredo" seemed to be a reference to Fredo Corleone in the movie "The Godfather." Fredo is a weak, dopey brother so the name is obviously an insult.


"No, punk-ass b----es from the right call me 'Fredo.' My name is Chris Cuomo. I'm an anchor on CNN," Cuomo angrily responded. "'Fredo' was from 'The Godfather.' He was a weak brother and they use that as an Italian slur- are any of you Italian?... It's a f---ing insult to your people. It's an insult to your f--kin' people. It's like the n-word for us. Is that a cool f---ing thing?"

The man then fanned the flames even more. "You’re a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem to be on television." 

Cuomo fired back, "If you want to play, we'll f---ing play."

"If you've got something to say about what I do on television, then say it, but you don't have to call me a f---in' insult," Cuomo said.

"Hey man, listen, I don't want any problems," the man responded.

"Well, you're gonna have a big f---in' problem," Cuomo responded.

Instead of cooling down, Cuomo's rage continued to escalate as he threatened to throw the man "down these stairs."

"I don't want to have a problem with you, man," the man once again said.

"You're gonna have a f---in' problem," Cuomo stated.

"What, what you gonna do about it?" the man questioned.

"I'll f---ing ruin your s---," the CNN anchor replied. "I'll f---in throw you down these stairs like a f---in' punk."

"Please do," the man taunted back.

"So you can f---in' sue?" Cuomo asked. "Then take a swing at me... You wanna call me 'Fredo,' take a f---in' swing... I'm f---in' right here. I'll f---in' wreck your s---."


When asked if they support the words said by Cuomo, CNN made it clear that they stand with the anchor. “Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him,” a CNN spokesperson said to Fox News.

Twitter made sure to ridicule the CNN host for his outlandish outbreak.

"Hey @ChrisCuomo, take it from me, 'Fredo' isn't the N-word for Italians, it just means you're the dumb brother," Trump Jr. said on Twitter with a winky face. 

Trump Jr. has been called "Fredo" in the past by many liberals including Ana Navarro on Cuomo's show. When Navarro made the comments, Cuomo said nothing in return even though he just recently said that "Fredo" is like the "N" word.

Trump Jr. made sure to call him out.

"Does CNN’s head of PR still think “Fredo” is an ethnic slur after watching this? Because if it’s the N word for Italians like @ChrisCuomo says, I don’t understand why Chris seems so at ease with someone saying it here. An excuse just as fake as his news." he said.


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