“I Wouldn’t Have Helped the US”: Former Afghan Interpreter Blast Biden’s Betrayal of Him, His Comrades

Team Biden is still desperately trying to frame our shameful, humiliating rout from Afghanistan as anything other than the shockingly awful episode that it really was, even going so far as to absurdly claim that the withdrawal was a success that put the US in a better position.

And perhaps a well-conducted withdrawal would have put us in a better position. But not some poorly planned rush for the exit that led to tragedy and disaster both for the American troops involved and our Afghan allies that Team Biden and the motley crew of incompetent generals running the military deserted in that hellish, mountainous country.

Yes, it was time to leave Afghanistan. We’d been there for far too long. But the incompetent way in which Brandon carried it out was a disaster, one that shocked our allies and, sadly enough, taught those who helped us that they probably shouldn’t have done so.

Such was the takeaway from a recently aired NBC Nightly News interview with an Afghan man, one who NBC reported worked as a translator for the State Department and U.S. military for 12 long years.

He still has relatives in Afghanistan and was trapped there himself for months following the withdrawal, having to hide from the Taliban and move every few days to avoid capture. NBC News Chief Washington Correspondent and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, reporting on the tragedy of his situation, said that he:

“spent ten months hiding from the Taliban, moving his family from house to house every three days, and was one of thousands pleading for help.

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And, appearing on NBC to discuss the tragedy that befell his country thanks to Slow Joe’s run for the exit, the man that served for over a decade as an interpreter explained why he probably wouldn’t have helped the US if he’d know he would be betrayed by the American government and his family put at risk.

Specifically, the man stated, at one point in the interview:

One of the mistakes that I made was put[ting] all my family [at] risk. So, if I knew it, I wouldn’t start.

Andrea Mitchell, pressing him over that statement, followed up, asking “You wouldn’t have done this again?

The former interpreter didn’t back down. Responding to Mitchell, he said, “If I anticipated that 12 years ago, I would never have started.

He also tore apart those whose fault it was that he and his family were stuck in Afghanistan at all, claiming that he’d been turned away at the airport and saying:

When I got to the airport, I showed my passport. I showed my badge. They didn’t accept it. They said ‘no’.”

So he could have gotten out, but some incompetent turned him away and he was forced to run and hide from the Taliban for months on end, feeling betrayed by America all the while. What a disaster, Let’s go Brandon!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

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