‘Icon, Patriot’: Conservative Broadcasters Pay Tribute To Rush Limbaugh

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh died on Wednesday morning at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer.

Soon after the tragic news, several of the most influential names in conservative media mourned the loss of Limbaugh and noted how he, in some way, helped give them their start in talk radio.

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Fox News host Mark Levin remembered Limbaugh in an interview on the network.

“This is a tremendously sad day for those who love this country,” Levin said, “a tremendously sad day for those who salute the flag and embrace the military and law enforcement, a tremendously sad day because we’ve lost Thomas Paine. We’ve lost a voice like no other and like there will never be again, and particularly at a time when we need a voice like his.”

“When you see what’s happening to the country and you see a thousand different ways in which we’re going in the wrong direction, he fought to the bitter end. He fought and fought,” Levin added. “Even when he was getting his treatments, he wanted to get on the radio, he wanted to talk to his audience. His audience, in addition to his blood and flesh family, was his family.”

Talk radio and Fox News host Sean Hannity said on Fox News, “there is no talk radio as we know it without Rush Limbaugh. It just doesn’t exist, and I’d even make the argument in many ways there’s no Fox News or even some of these other opinionated cable networks.”

“He literally did something that nobody at the time ever thought was possible,” Hannity said. “There are now generations of us that, literally, he’s changed the hearts and minds of generations of Americans, singlehandedly. And when he started in nationally syndicated radio, there were about less than 200 talk radio stations in this country. Now there are, like, 4,000. He saved the AM band of radio, singlehandedly. And then as, you know, radio listening shifted and talk radio started moving to the FM band, he saved that, too, in so many ways.”

“RIP Rush Limbaugh, the creator of talk radio and by extension, the alternative media, an indispensable and iconic conservative voice,” The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro tweeted.

Glenn Beck, founder of the radio and television network The Blaze, called Limbaugh a “hero to many,” and marked him as the savior of talk radio.

“No words … I just got news the Rush Limbaugh has passed away,” Beck tweeted, “thanks Rush for all you taught, gave, and were. A hero to many. An icon. A patriot. A revolutionary that saved radio. Heavens [sic] gain, our loss.”

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Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany responded to Limbaugh’s passing, saying America “lost a giant” and the United States is “better because of him.”

She wrote on Twitter: “Rush Limbaugh had unrelenting boldness to proclaim the truth. Watching his wit, passion, and willingness to hold the media accountable informed my entire career.”