ICYMI: Palm Beach Town Attorney Sides With Trump; Says He And Melania Can Live At Mar-a-Lago

The vengeful resistance appears to have suffered another setback as efforts to run former President Donald J. Trump out of Mar-a-Lago have come up far short of their objective.

Following his departure from the polluted confines of the great D.C. swamp, Trump and his beautiful wife Melania have settled in at the magnificent 17-acre South Florida resort, a historic landmark that he purchased in 1985 for $7 million.

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But Trump’s enemies weren’t satisfied with merely chasing him out of Washington, they also want to kick him out of the scenic Palm Beach resort as well.

The former POTUS was targeted by an unnamed “neighbor” whose attorney claimed that he was being harmed by microwave exposure from a Secret Service security barrier and that Trump was in violation of a 1993 agreement to convert the property into a business.

Now, the news has broken that the attorney for the Town Of Palm Beach has reviewed the legal documentation and reached the conclusion that it does not prohibit Trump from taking up permanent residence at Mar-a-Lago.

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Via CNN, “Florida town completes legal review of Trump’s residency at Mar-a-Lago”:

The legal review by the town of Palm Beach into the use of Mar-a-Lago as former President Donald Trump’s permanent home concluded that the original agreement among the town, the resort and Trump does not expressly prohibit him from residing there.

In a memo produced by the town’s attorney and posted on the town’s website, lawyer John “Skip” Randolph advised the town to look instead to its zoning ordinance, which permits only bona fide employees to reside in private clubs. Thus, if Trump is a “bona fide employee of the club,” town zoning would allow him to live on the premises, Randolph concluded.

Randolph recommended in the memo that the town council hear from interested parties, including Trump, and debate the issue further.

A letter to Randolph from Trump’s attorney last month argued that the former President is a bona fide employee of the resort and therefore is “clearly entitled to reside there.”

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The matter will come up at the next Palm Beach Town Council Meeting scheduled for next week in what should be an epic meltdown session that could become heated as Trump’s Florida neighbors get a chance to vent their spleens but it appears that there is no legal basis for booting him out of Mar-a-Lago.

You do have to give the Trump haters one thing: they are persistent in their obsession and Trump’s helipad at the property is the next target:

Via The Palm Beach Daily News, “Permit pulled to demolish helipad at Mar-a-Lago”:

Palm Beach will once again be a helicopter-less haven as a permit was pulled Tuesday for demolition of the town’s sole helipad at The Mar-a-Lago Club.

But whether former President Donald Trump’s helipad would remain in place post-presidency was never a question, Town Manager Kirk Blouin said, noting that representatives for the club had inquired about permits to remove the helipad “in the past few weeks.”

“It seems to have been more controversial in media reports than it is in actual practice,” Blouin said. “They never made a request to keep it.”

Lake Park-based contractor Pyramid Builders of Palm Beach was hired for the demolition job, according to the town building permit. The cost will run an estimated $15,000.

Next for Trump, the sham impeachment trial that has little chance at a conviction and will succeed at nothing outside of getting the depraved resistance loonies to grind their remaining teeth down into little nubs.

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