IDIOT: Chuck Schumer May Have Exposed Whistleblower In Tweet

There’s currently a major controversy brewing over whether or not to reveal the name of the so-called whistleblower who filed a complaint in August about President Donald Trump’s July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian president.

While Democrats and the left-leaning media have gone nuts over the idea of releasing the name of the whistleblower — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer may have done it by total accident.

But it’s not the name of the person many have believed to be the whistleblower.

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Schumer may have disclosed the identity in a tweet praising the testimony of a recent congressional witness.

“LTC Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him are patriots,” Schumer tweeted. “They are standing up for the Constitution they swore an oath to defend. They don’t deserve these disgraceful attacks, and they must be protected from reprisals.”

Did you catch that? 

He said, “Whistleblowers like him.”

Schumer’s tweet seemed to suggest National Security Council official Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is the the individual who filed the complaint against Trump over his Ukraine call, which triggered the entire impeachment witch hunt.

Vindman has been Rep. Adam Schiff’s “star” witness, but recent reporting reveals he has a troubling history of being partisanand that he may have had an agenda against the president.

Schumer’s tweet is also interesting because many have believed that the so-called whistleblower is CIA officer Eric Ciaramella, who we know is nothing more than a left-wing, anti-Trump hack.

Public reporting indicates Ciaramella, who is: (1) a registered Democrat; (2) worked for Obama and Joe Biden when they were in the White House; (3) is a vocal critic of Trump; (4) helped initiate the Russia “collusion” hoax; and (5) was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

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The whistleblower was not even on Trump’s Ukraine phone call, but claims he relayed concerns from White House officials who were.

Democrats impeachment plan has backfired in spectacular fashion, and we know the “whistleblower” is nothing more than a partisan hack trying to take down the president.