Illegal Border Crossings Continue Skyrocketing As Dems Push Bill Containing Amnesty Provision

Illegal border crossings and apprehensions are continuing to skyrocket past historic levels, logging a 317% increase year-over-year in August, according to the latest reported figures.

Fox News’ John Roberts posted the latest figures in a tweet.

The number of “border encounters” in August 2021 was 208,887, which is up 106% since February, and up 317% compared to one year ago, Roberts posted, citing U.S. Customs and Border Protection stats.

“I was just on the border & I’ve never seen it remotely this bad,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, noted in a retweet of Roberts’ post.

“Last month was a 317% increase in illegal aliens apprehended from August 2020. Over 1,200,000 illegal aliens apprehended since Biden and Harris took office. Biden & Harris caused this,” he added.

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“Additionally, the 208,887 number for August represents a 317% increase over last August 2020 which saw 50,014 encounters — and a 233% increase over August 2019, where there were 62,707 amid that year’s border crisis,” Fox News reported on its website.

“In August, 49% of apprehensions were single adults, down 7% from July, and 44% of migrants overall were expelled via Title 42 public health protections put in place under the Trump administration and extended by the Biden administration,” the network added.

The administration has reportedly been deporting single adults as well as some migrant families under the Trump order, which was put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the administration hasn’t been deporting unaccompanied minors or migrant families who cross with young children.

“The men and women at CBP continue to step up to meet the demands of high numbers of encounters at our southern border,” acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller said in a statement. “CBP recorded 2 percent fewer encounters in August than July. The vast majority of single adults encountered in August, along with a substantial share of families, continued to be expelled under the CDC’s Title 42 authority.”

Fox News added:

The Biden administration has faced fierce criticism for its handling of the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, which Republican critics have blamed on the dramatic rollback of Trump-era policies like border wall construction and the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). It has also narrowed interior Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) priorities and pushed hard for legalization of illegal immigrants already in the country. It has also been releasing migrants into the interior, processing UACs to sponsors already in the country and releasing migrant families — angering Republican governors and other lawmakers.

The skyrocketing migrant crossings come as Democrats in Congress are angling to pass a $3.5 trillion spending measure that contains an amnesty provision for millions of people who are in the country illegally.

“Major policy changes deserve rigorous debate by our representatives in Congress and the public. Yet an amnesty for an estimated eight million people has been slipped into a reconciliation bill in order to avoid hearings and quickly advance the bill with only a simple majority in the Senate,” says a Tuesday email alert from the Centers for Immigration Studies, an organization that advocates for legal, limited immigration.

“The amnesty for 8 million illegal immigrants contained within the budget reconciliation bill would generate a total cost to Social Security and Medicare Part A of roughly $1 trillion in present value,” the email adds.

“Under current law, illegal immigrants are net contributors to Social Security and Medicare because they partially pay in to entitlement programs, but most cannot legally receive benefits. By granting eligibility for benefits, however, amnesty would transform illegal immigrants from net contributors into net beneficiaries, imposing steep costs on the Social Security and Medicare trust funds,” the email continued.

“The bill grants green cards to a large number of illegal aliens, even those who are removable on criminal grounds, even if they are inadmissible. Criminal exceptions to the amnesty are included in the bill, but then waivers negate their significance,” it adds.

Robert Law, the Center’s director of regulatory affairs and policy, said, “If these provisions become law, an already overwhelmed USCIS will be flooded with amnesty applications and special legal immigration carve-out petitions on top of standard immigration benefit requests.

“The backlogs will skyrocket, ensuring that it will take decades before the final adjustment of status application is adjudicated and all of the aliens who file will be eligible for a work permit. Unlike an employment-based green card, which generally requires a showing that the wages and conditions of Americans are not adversely affected, this work permit allows the alien to take any job, at any wage, and there are no protections for either Americans or the alien,” Law noted further.

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