Illinois Blames ‘Computer Error’ After 545 Illegal Aliens Registered To Vote

Illinois apparently has some serious issues with their new automatic voting registration system as it was discovered that 574 people were registered to vote who had claimed that they were "non-citizens."

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From the Associated Press:

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s office, which oversees driver’s licenses, said the data of 574 people who self-identified as non-citizens was erroneously forwarded to elections officials to be registered to vote. Election officials confirmed Tuesday that 545 of them were ultimately registered.

“It was a computer error,” White spokesman Dave Druker said Tuesday. “We moved to correct it and contacted people involved.”

As Illinois Republicans called for an immediate hearing over a “serious breach” of voter protections, election officials worked to determine how many of the registrations were indeed invalid. Over 150 registrations had been canceled, said State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich.

So if this is happening in the village of Schaumburg (which is only 19.4 square miles) then how many other places in Illinois are these "computer errors" happening?

And how many other states?

Of course, the powers that be are telling you not to worry about it.

It's "exceedingly rare," they say.

Here's another way to spin this embarrassing fail:

Dietrich said it was possible some people indicated that they weren’t citizens by mistake. When Illinois residents get standard driver’s licenses, they have to confirm they meet the criteria to vote, certifying they are 18 and a U.S. citizen. Only those who meet the criteria are supposed to be sent to election officials for registration.

The 16 people cast 19 ballots in elections in 2018 and 2019. Three voters were in Chicago, five in its suburbs and the rest voted in six counties statewide, according to Dietrich.

It was immediately unclear what would happen to the individuals.

Both state and federal law bars non-citizens from voting. Noncitizens have been deported for voting illegally, even when they were unaware they were ineligible.

It's ludicrous to imply that illegal immigrants would not vote illegally because they know they can be deported, when in the same article they show that those who have claimed to be an illegal immigrant have voted, illegally.

From the beginning, there were those who knew that bringing voting into the digital age would cause problems, but there were also those who believed that it was a way to move forward.

The problem is the automatic voter registration paves the way for voter fraud like we're seeing today.

From the Associated Press:

Illinois gained national attention in 2017 when then-Gov. Bruce Rauner was among the first Republican governors to support automatic voter registration. He'd rejected a previous version over concerns of voter fraud, which studies have shown is exceedingly rare.

A portion of the law streamlining registrations went into effect in 2018. Full automatic voter registration, which is linked to the state's REAL ID and requires documents proving citizenship, didn't begin in earnest until last summer.

Although voter fraud may be "exceedingly rare," we have seen some incredibly close races in the past decade.

And as is with the case of Illinois, they sure seem to have a recurring problem with "computer errors" that ALWAYS seem to favor the Democratic Party.

It reminds one of the machines that were malfunctioning (or rigged) in Schaumburg, IL when every vote given for a Republican candidate was magically turned into a vote for the opposing Democrat on the ballot.

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So just how many Democrat-favored "computer errors" are there going to be?

And how many have already slipped through the cracks?