Immigrant who served in Army becomes USA citizen, says this flag means 'everything'

His name is Linval Lindsay. He's from Jamaica and he came to America, served in the United States Army, and he finally became a true American citizen on Veterans day of this year. 

He went through the naturalization ceremony in New York City and then spoke with "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt after the televised event. 


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The 91-year-old's touching moment was captured on video.


“I was drafted more than 50 years ago. Served in, went up to Greenland. Went up to Greenland twice. I came back. The Army has been my, one of the best two years of my life, really,” Lindsay replied. “My mother cried, I’m so happy she cried. Today I’m happy.”

Earhardt asked one last question: “What does the flag mean to you, sir?”

“Oh, everything,” Lindsay said. “Everything.” He noted that he still loved Jamaica, but that he was proud to be an American.

“We’re both Americans,” Earhardt smiled. “God bless you.”

It's amazing how some people come to America and value the country and are thankful for it. Others, not so much!

Just like some of the Democrats in this video from the impeachment hearings.

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