In Devastating Blow To Pelosi, Coronavirus Relief Bill Is Set To Pass Today

The passage of a massive $2 trillion stimulus package to deliver economic relief to Americans in the midst of the coronavirus crisis is now imminent. 

Despite efforts by spiteful Speaker Nancy Pelosi to torpedo the bill if it didn't include truckloads of liberal pork including Green New Deal socialism, the Senate managed to get the job done. 


The deal was struck in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after senators and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin overcame Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's unconscionable political gamesmanship.

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Republican Senate Majority Leader is optimistic that the stimulus will pass later today and that President Trump will quickly sign it to get aid into the hands of those who need it. 

Via Reuters, "U.S. senators look to quickly pass massive coronavirus bill, head home":

U.S. senators will vote on Wednesday on a $2-trillion bipartisan package of legislation to alleviate the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, hoping it will become law quickly so they can get out of Washington.

Top aides to President Donald Trump and senior Senate Republicans and Democrats announced they had agreed on the unprecedented stimulus bill in the early hours of Wednesday, after five days of marathon talks.

“We’re going to pass this legislation later today,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

The massive bill is expected to include a $500 billion fund to help hard-hit industries and a comparable amount for direct payments of up to $3,000 to millions of U.S. families.

It will also include $350 billion for small-business loans, $250 billion for expanded unemployment aid and $150 billion for various healthcare initiatives, including $100 billion for hospitals and related health systems.

It aims to flood the U.S. economy with cash in a bid to stem the impact of a pandemic that has killed more than 660 people in the United States and sickened more than 50,000, shuttered thousands of businesses, thrown millions out of work and led states to order 100 million people - nearly a third of the population - to stay at home.

“This is not a moment of celebration, but one of necessity,” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said.

The bill is expected to pass the Senate easily

It was another stinging defeat for Madame Speaker who is still reeling after her impeachment scam was rejected last month as well as a punch in the nose for the radical leftist faction of her party and their unicorns and social justice fantasies.

The clearly haggard and exhausted Pelosi is showing signs of being worn down by the mounting defeats and humiliations inflicted upon her by the POTUS and melted down during a CNN interview on Tuesday. 

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A key to Pelosi's latest loss was when comments made during a conference call last Thursday were leaked and a comment by kingmaker James Clyburn gave the game away. 

Via The Hill, "House Democrats eyeing much broader Phase 3 stimulus":

On a Thursday conference call featuring more than 200 members of the House Democratic caucus, lawmakers one by one laid out a sweeping wish list of provisions they want to see included in the nascent package, including a boost in infrastructure spending, an expansion of Social Security benefits and funding for states to set up an all-mail voting system in the event the pandemic extends into November’s elections.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told lawmakers, according to a source on the call.

Those things that "fit" the vision included emissions restrictions on airplanes, bullying corporations into discriminating against white people under the pretense of "diversity," funding for abortion and the arts and laying the groundwork to rig the election. 

Barring any last minute trickery by Chuck and Nancy, help is on the way.