In March, Rachel Maddow Falsely Claimed That The Virus “Stops With Every Vaccinated Person”. Will She Be Banned ?

We live in a world where left-wing extremists can spread fake news about the coronavirus vaccines without being punished in the slightest. The latest example is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

As Alex Berenson points out in his latest Substack post, Maddow falsley claimed that the virus “does not infect” vaccinated people. Will this disinformation be flagged by Twitter or Facebook?

Here is the direct quote from her March 29th transcript:

“The virus stops with every vaccinated person… A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus. The virus does not infect them. The virus cannot use that person to go anywhere else.”

Here’s a screenshot from the transcript:

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“This is what Big Sister was telling you exactly six months ago today. Six months ago. Not six years, not sixteen years. Six months ago,” Berenson continued.

“Never forget- and never let them forget: they didn’t ban me for being wrong. They banned me for being right,” he added, referring to his recent Twitter ban.

Berenson was banned from Twitter for stating information that was 100% true about the covid vaccines, mainly that they don’t provide actual “immunity” to Covid-19.

The question remains…

Why are radical liberals allowed to spread blatantly fake news about the Covid vaccine, but conservatives get banned for sharing “inconvenient truths”?

The big social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are behind the curve every single time when it comes to Covid.

The left constantly moves the goalposts by saying “The science changed.” This is how Dr. Fauci has been let off the hook time and time again.

“Fauci wasn’t wrong, the science just changed and now we know ‘more’!”

Give. Me. A. Break.

What is your reaction to this scenario? Should Rachel Maddow receive a Twitter ban for spreading this false news about the vaccines from March? Comment below…

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