Ingraham Reveals Emails Connecting Dots Between Obama, Bidens, And Whistleblower

Fox News host Laura Ingraham dropped a bombshell this week after she obtained exclusive emails showing that former President Barack Obama was much more aware of Joe and Hunter Biden's shady business deals in Ukraine.

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During a segment on her Fox program Wednesday night, Ingraham revealed emails connecting the alleged Ukraine whistleblower to a 2016 meeting in the Obama White House about Burisma Holdings, the corrupt Ukrainian gas company that paid Hunter Biden $50,000 a month to sit on its board.

Ukrainian officials have all-but admitted Hunter Biden only sat on the board because his father was serving as the vice president at the time and oversaw Ukrainian policy. 

They were paying Hunter big money to influence policy.

“As far as I’m concerned, the entire impeachment drama comes back to one person — the whistleblower,” Ingraham said. 

“Democrats all of a sudden want you to believe this person is unimportant for their case against Trump… But tonight, the Ingraham angle obtained exclusive documents that show just how important he or she is,” she added.

Ingraham was able to corroborate a newly-uncovered email conversation between State Department emails and New York Times journalist Ken Vogel — whose reporting shed light on Hunter Biden’s questionable position on Burisma — with the whistleblower, who is likely former Ukraine director on the National Security Council Eric Ciaramella.

In 2016, the whistleblower checked in several Ukrainian leaders and prosecutors to the White House that would be critical in arranging a partnership between Hunter Biden, Burisma, and the Obama administration — which is what Trump may have asked about on the July 25 call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.


In his email, Vogel told the Obama State Department:

“We are going to report that [State Department official] Elizabeth Zentos attended a meeting at the White House on 1/19/2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors and embassy officials as well as … [redacted] from the NSC … the subjects discussed included efforts within the United State government to support prosecutions, in Ukraine and the United Kingdom, of Burisma Holdings, … and concerns that Hunter Biden’s position with the company could complicate such efforts.”

Here’s an excerpt from Washington Examiner on the rest of the story:

Using archived Obama White House visitor logs, Ingraham said her team was able to corroborate details of the January 2016 meeting, showing on the screen the names of Ukrainian officials checked into the White House by Ciaramella, who was Ukraine director on the National Security Council.

Ingraham said the story was never published and reached out to Vogel and the New York Times to ask why the report never came to fruition. While Vogel did not reply, Ingraham said the New York Times director of communications simply stated that Vogel’s request for comment was consistent with their news-gathering process.

Still, Ingraham said that “the timing of their request and the subsequent squashing of the story are very interesting,” noting how Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president on April 25, one week before Vogel’s request. She speculated a number of possibilities, including that Joe Biden’s campaign somehow got the New York Times to drop the story.

We've learned some very troubling information in recent months about the alleged whistleblower.

Ciaramella, the rumored whistleblower, is: (1) a registered Democrat; (2) worked for Obama and Joe Biden when they were in the White House; (3) is a vocal critic of Trump; (4) helped initiate the Russia “collusion” hoax; and (5) was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

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Apparently Ciaramella is much closer to Obama, Biden, and top Democrats than many realized.


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