Insane: Fox Host Blames GOP for Rising Crime

The Democrats are often blamed for rising levels of crime. Whether it be their soft on crime policies, their championing of ideas like legalizing drugs and honoring lifelong criminals like George Floyd, or their modern “defund the police” stance, many see them as the reason why crime levels have risen so precipitously.

They claim that’s unfair and are trying to push back against the allegation, with big-name figures like Biden and Pelosi trying to say that Democrats aren’t actually for defunding the police and that to say otherwise is just to further a vicious rumor.

However, one claim they typically don’t make is that the GOP is responsible for rising crime levels, as such a claim is patently absurd.

The GOP and its leaders might get many things wrong, but crime isn’t one of them. It’s the Democrats, not the GOP, that backed the riots of 2020. It’s the Democrats, not the GOP that support gun control, which limits the ability of law-abiding citizens to stave off the predations of thugs and criminals. It’s the Democrats, not the GOP that push for shorter sentences, zero dollar bail, and not arresting people for certain misdemeanors.

The GOP certainly is not responsible for rising crime rates; it and those elected as Republicans are tough on crime, or at least not soft enough to encourage criminality.

Further, Democrats generally know that, as do voters, so they don’t try to pin rising crime rates on the GOP, except in the case of mass shootings, which they blame on “lax” (read: constitutional) gun laws of the sort that the GOP supports. To blame Republicans for any other crimes would be absurd, so they generally don’t do it.

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Yet Fox News host is going where even Pelosi and Biden generally won’t and claiming that it’s the GOP’s fault, not the fault of Democrats, that the crime rate is up. As he put it in a recent op-ed in The Hill:

“Republicans are ready to use the nationwide rise in violent crime against Democrats in the midterm elections.

[…]But seven of the ten states with the highest murder rates voted for former President Trump in 2020.

[…]So, how can Democrats be attacked as the party responsible for the rise in crime?”

What does he do to show it’s the fault of Republicans? Nothing, really. He goes on a long rant about how Trump exploited racial divisions by highlight crime, another lie, before blaming, as usual, pro-gun politicians, saying:

In Congress, Republicans continue to block gun control legislation despite strong support for halting brisk sales of illegal guns, background checks, tracking gun sales, and bans on assault-style weapons.

But, beyond that, he doesn’t delve into policy nor look into crime statistics. While crime might be up in red states, where in those states is it up? Democrat-controlled cities. As Bearing Arms put it:

how about the fact that while Williams may be right on the state level, but when you break it down to the local level, the highest murder rates are found on counties that voted overwhelmingly for Biden?

Oh, and it’s the Democrat prosecutors that are choosing not to prosecute crimes, not ones backed by the GOP. That probably doesn’t help the crime rate either.

Williams’ argument is a joke, a sad, obvious lie that he’s trying to spread to damage the GOP before the 2022 midterms. the GOP isn’t responsible for rising crime rates. To claim otherwise is absurd. Bearing Arms perhaps put it best, saying:

Look, the Republican Party has plenty of issues. Tons of them, in fact.

However, I don’t reasonably see how you can lay all of this at their feet when Democrats are doing everything but providing an Uber service to and from crime scenes for criminals who don’t have transportation.

And I halfway expect that to pop up any day now.

You don’t get to be soft on crime as a party, then try and blame the other side when your policies backfire spectacularly.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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