Iowa Governor Slams Biden Admin for Sending COVID Positive Immigrants To Her State

Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds slammed the Biden administration this week for sending COVID positive migrants to her state.

During a press conference, Reynolds spoke about the border crisis and seemed to partially blame migrants for the increase in COVID cases in Iowa.

Reynolds spokesman, Pat Garrett, shared a report claiming 135 detainees in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas tested positive for the coronavirus in the first two weeks of July.

“Part of the problem is the southern border is open and we’ve got 88 countries that are coming across the border and they don’t have vaccines, so none of them are vaccinated, and they’re getting dispersed throughout the country,” Reynolds told reporters.

Reynolds and her team have been railing against the border crisis and the Biden administration for not clamping down on the unprecedented wave of migrants trying to enter the country.

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Back in June, Reynolds approved sending 28 Iowa State Patrol troopers to the U.S.-Mexico border for 14 days this month.

“I made this decision because the federal government has abdicated its duty,” she said. “Texas law enforcement and border agents are being overwhelmed and the crisis at the border isn’t staying at the border. It’s being felt across the country, including right here in Iowa.”

“It is an investment that I believe was well spent in helping really secure the southern border and the humanitarian efforts that were put in place,” Reynolds said. “I felt that it was the right thing to do.”

Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Stephan Bayens praised the move.

“They did Iowa proud,” Bayens said. “I mean they brought Iowa values to Texas. They worked hard when hard work was required. They showed compassion when compassion was needed, and I’m proud of them. And I know the people of Texas appreciated it.”

Iowa State Patrol Capt. Mark Miller, who led the deployment, also praised Reynolds and said he believes they helped protect U.S. citizens on their mission.

“Your Iowa troopers and special agents met their mission’s objectives,” he said. “They performed both law enforcement and humanitarian functions and they represented the state of Iowa in a way you can be extremely proud of.”

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A new projection from Princeton Policy Advisors reveals that more than 1.8 million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021.

The group said it would mark the “worst ever” on record, which is another stunning reminder of how bad things have gotten under Joe Biden, the Washington Examiner reported.

The group said that would be 250,000 more than the next highest number recorded in 2000.

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