Irate George Soros Blows Top In New Op-Ed Reveals Plans For Funding Leftist DAs

Billionaire radical left-winger George Soros, having witnessed the backlash he’s received all over the United States against woke district attorneys, you know, the ones who are implementing soft-on-crime policies that are causing spikes in crime rates, which also includes ultra-left San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin being booted out in July, penned a piece showing he’s indifferent to the concerns of Americans and has promised to continue spending his vast fortune funding these radical leftist individuals.

According to a report that was published in January by the Capital Research Center, researchers since 2016 have tracked over $29 million in funding from the leftist billionaire “through a personal network of political action committees (PACs) formed specifically to back left-wing DA candidates.”

“I have supported the election (and more recently the re-election) of prosecutors who support reform. I have done it transparently, and I have no intention of stopping,” Soros confirmed in his opinion piece published by The Wall Street Journal.

Soros then went on to write, “Our system is rife with injustices that make us all less safe. The idea that we need to choose between justice and safety is false.”

“Some politicians and pundits have tried to blame recent spikes in crime on the policies of reform-minded prosecutors. The research I’ve seen says otherwise,” Soros continued.

Well, now, Mr. Soros, let’s just back on up a moment. The New York Post has compiled some of the most famous left-wing district attorneys, which all happen to be Democrat, and correlated it with a major spike in the crime rate in their areas.

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The evidence doesn’t lie.

Recently-deposed Chesa Boudin of San Francisco: violent crimes: up 4%, year to date; property crimes: up 8.2%, year to date; total crime rate: up 7.8%, year to date.

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan: major crime rate: up 43.2%, year to date.

George Gascón, Los Angeles:violent crimes: up 7.7%, year to date; property crimes: up 13.3%, year to date; total crime rate: up 11.9%, year to date.

Kim Foxx, Chicago: major crime rate: up 34%, year to date.

Larry Krasner, Philadelphia: violent crimes: up 6.3%, year to date; property crimes: up 27.1%, year to date; total crime rate: up 22.2%, year to date.

Kevin Hayden, Boston: violent crimes: up 4.4%, year to date; property crimes: up 4.8%, year to date; total crime rate: up 4.7%, year to date.

It should be noted that it’s not only Soros who is denying that there is a connection between the rise of crime in districts where there are left-wing district attorneys.

When Gascon, who could potentially face a recall and was the recipient of nearly $3 million in campaign funds from the billionaire, was asked by local news anchors to respond to his critics who were calling him “soft-on-crime” due to the fact his city was being torn apart by an 8.6 percent spike in violent crime over a 12-month period, he said that he felt Los Angeles was safer with him in office, saying, “Yeah, in some areas it is. … I know how to keep communities safe.”

So either Gascon is a total liar — which he is — or he is delusional and actually believes the garbage that he is projectile vomiting into the atmosphere. Either way, he’s wrong. The city is anything but safe with him as the district attorney.

Soros has to be one of the most vile, evil individuals in our country. He’s been the source of much of the spread of the progressive ideology we see polluting our culture and destroying the future of our nation.

He’s a real-life Bond villain.

Let’s hope we are able to fight back against his influence with truth and justice.

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