IRONY ALERT: Kamala Harris Boasts About Addressing “Climate Change” While Boarding PRIVATE JET

Kamala Harris is heading to Nevada to “fight climate change”. However, in order to do so, she is taking a private jet. The irony isn’t surprising, but she took it a step further by posting about it on social media.

You’d think her social media staff would deter this kind of hypocritical post, but they probably aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

“Today I’m heading to Lake Mead in Nevada to discuss the climate crisis–and why we must make historic investments to not only create jobs, but preserve our planet for generations to come,” Harris posted on Twitter.

Look below:

As you can imagine, Twitter users ripped her to shreds:

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These users are definitely onto something.

According to The Independent, flying a private jet producers 10 TIMES the amount of carbon per passenger:

“Some estimates say private jets produce 10 times the amount of carbon per passenger, although calculations clearly vary depending on the make and model of aircraft being compared, the length of journey and the number of passengers per flight.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, jet fuel produces 9.57kg of CO2 per gallon burnt. Let’s take an example flight – a Boeing 737, one of the world’s most popular commercial jets, will burn somewhere in the region of 750 gallons an hour. Over the course of a three-hour flight, it will therefore burn 2,250 gallons of fuel, producing 21,533kg of CO2. Depending on the model, the plane can hold around 200 passengers, making the amount of CO2 produced per passenger around 108kg if we assume a fairly full flight.”

What is your response to Kamala Harris’ hypocrisy? Comment below…

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