IRONY ALERT: Tapper Tells Trump To Give Americans A Plan; Fails To Mention CNN Censors His Briefings

CNN has taken the “bold stance” to not broadcast Trump’s comments as he shares his plan to defeat the Chinese Coronavirus during his daily briefings. However, CNN is now criticizing him for not “sharing a plan” with the American people on how we’re going to win this war.

The irony here is astounding!

On Sunday, Jake Tapper ripped Trump for “not sharing a plan” with the American people on how we’re going to supply hospitals with the equipment they need. However, Taper failed to tell his audience that CNN censors the very plan that Trump gives on a daily basis!

Watch Tapper’s blatant propaganda here:

The truth is that CNN doesn’t give a damn about Trump’s  “plan” for America.

In fact, if they would have aired Trump’s comments today, they would have heard that EXACT PLAN! During todays briefing, President Trump said that the Federal Government have distributed 300 million gloves, 8 million masks, and 3 million gowns just this past week alone!

Sadly, CNN viewers didn’t see it because the network is censoring is words every single day.

Watch below:

Take look at the screenshot below from 4 different news networks. This is what happens every single day during the daily White House press briefings:

Look below to see CNN’s censorship in action. They literally wait until Trump stops talking and then begins to broadcast the briefing. They have done this every single day this week:

So, how can Jake Tapper sit there with a straight face and tell his audience that Trump has “no plan” when his network won’t even broadcast the things he has to say?

This is just another example of the propaganda that the liberal media pushes. They hate you, they hate Trump, and they hate our country. They must never be trusted!

What is your reaction to Tapper’s absurd suggestion? Comment below…