Is France Headed for A Civil War? Thousands of French Military Members Warn That France The Nation is in Peril

Twenty-five retired generals and one-thousand military personnel in France have seemingly created a political firestorm by publishing an open letter which warning the French people that if the military does not take over France, the nation will disintegrate at the hands of militant Islamists.

The open letter is published right after the fatal stabbing attack of a policewoman in Paris, who was stabbed to death by a Tunisian immigrant. The whole incident is currently being investigated as an Islamic terrorist attack. France is no stranger to Islamic attacks, as many French are terrorized by the looming threat of another terrorist attack by Islamic immigrants.

The attacks are causing more and more people to move to the nationalist right, which most media are calling the extreme right, to try to discourage people from aligning themselves with nationalist parties.

The open letter was originally published to the French nationalist populist website “Valeurs Actuelle” and it warns politicians and legislators of “several deadly dangers” that threaten France, such as “Islamism and the banlieu hordes,” the latter referring to the poor suburbs around Paris that are home to large immigrant communities, many of them colloquially labeled “no-go zones.”

The letter goes on to say “the hour is grave, France is in peril,” and it blames certain “fanatic partisans” and the ideology of “anti-racism.” The letter also speaks of an attempt to start a racial war by tearing down statues of French history and attacking certain aspects of French history.

The signatories also criticized the government crackdown on the yellow vest protests, and said that the government used the police as “proxy agents and scapegoats.” The letter, which was also sent directly to the Macron administration, ended by saying “it is no longer the time to procrastinate, otherwise tomorrow civil war will put an end to this growing chaos and deaths – for which you will be responsible – with numbers in the thousands.”

The French government has come out and threatened to punish any active military personnel who signed the letter. On the other hand, Marine Le Pen, the Nationalist Populist leader has endorsed the letter, calling on the Generals to join her in her fight for France.

Macron’s government is taking this letter as a threat of a coup, and is calling the letter an outrage, and is comparing it to the failed coup against French President Charles de Gaulle, 60 years ago.

The letter and the French government’s reaction to the letter raises the question, is France really headed to a civil war? Or perhaps balkanization?

There are different census reports that say that the Muslim population is soon reaching 10% of the population in France, and many of them have not managed to assimilate into the larger French society. People that are seeing the future of the Muslim elements in France failing to assimilate are predicting violent tensions, and they believe Macron is largely to blame given his globalist stance.

Multicultural tensions is what many liberals will dismiss at the mere mention, but the reality is that time and time again, multiracial and multicultural societies have proven to be a source of great conflict.

Have we become society evolved past these tribal preferences?

One only has to take a look at the unrest throughout 2020 to know that the answer to that question is a resounding “NO”