Is This the PROOF That We Have All Been Waiting For?

The claims that the 2020 Presidential election was wrought with fraud and abuse have been sung from every mountain top in the land, and by every conservative politician or public figure of note. Conversely, claims that it was the most secure election in the history of Presidential politics have been spoken on every liberal street corner and by every mainstream media personality in the country.

The American public has become tired of both sides, having been beaten down by the rights claim of a “rigged” election, and weary of the lefts claim that this was a white glove tested, perfectly executed demonstration of democracy in action. Both sides have staked claims to the truth, yet neither seems to be giving an inch of territory…but why?

What has been missing is proof.

There have always been instances of voter fraud in elections, but to date, the cases have been limited to smaller geographic areas or concentrated in a particular election contest. Never has there been proof of an effort to modify an election result on a national level, until now.

Documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest project, a movie entitled “2000 Mules” dives deep into the 2020 Presidential election and uncovers truly shocking technological proof of WIDESPREAD voter fraud. Using a combination of embedded GPS technology, video security camera footage, and interviews with perpetrators of actual vote fraud, Dinesh and his team have assembled the most impressive compilation of evidence yet seen.

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D’Souza is a best-selling author and maker of political documentaries. His most famous films, “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine a World Without Her” have been two of the highest grossing political documentaries of all time.

Dinesh and his team have partnered with an organization called True the Vote for this project. True The Vote is a non-profit organization whose mission is, according to their website “to train citizens to protect the election integrity at the polls, and to help protect all voters’ rights.”

The staff there research and report on potential voter fraud across the nation, compile information and data about voting results and processes, and investigate claims of fraud. They even maintain a voter “tip line” on the site where citizens can report observations of potential fraudulent behavior.

Together, that team has put together an impressive picture of voter fraud activity during the 2020 election. Likening the activity to that of a drug cartel, they follow “mules” who, instead of trafficking drugs, traffic ballots.

These mules collect ballots from non-profit organizations run by progressive executives and backed by socialist-agenda wielding oligarchs (the movie explains this in fascinating form), and then deliver them to ballot drop boxes all over major cities.

On average, these mules would deliver five ballots at a time, to as many as one hundred different drop boxes, wearing gloves to hide traces of physical evidence, taking pictures of their ballot drops to receive payment and often doing these drops at odd hours of the night. All of this over just a two-week period before the election.

The researchers at True the Vote collected GPS data from cell phones of the mules, obtained over four million minutes of security camera footage, and even identified the non-profit organizations that were illegally compiling these ballots. Much of this was done through painstaking public records requests. All of the data streams were then overlayed with one another to create an undeniable pattern of fraud.   And with that preponderance of evidence, it would be hard to imagine that law enforcement will be able to simply ignore this.

But that is just the beginning. This tale of cartel-like ballot trafficking that they discovered has only been researched in six key election states that were vital to the outcome of the 2020 election. In just these states, the team discovered over 2000 of these mules! They believe that there were many more, and in the movie offer good evidence for that, but these 2000 represent an undeniable outlying number whose behavior was so egregious that in cannot be anything but an organized effort of illegal voter fraud.

So, it is possible that this new evidence will awaken the fighting spirit of the American voting public? If Dinesh and his team are successful in their efforts to get this movie to as many citizens as possible before the midterm elections, its likely that the democrats who have been wielding their “Big Lie” billy club over the heads of the American voter will experience the greatest political defeat in modern history.

“2000 Mules” by Dinesh D’Souza premieres in movie theaters across the nation May 2nd and May 4th. The digital premiere is May 7th. More information and tickets can be found HERE.

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